Monday, July 27, 2009

tueday is always mad...

... but I'm freaking out about tomorrow.

6.00 - gym
7.00 - get kids ready for school
7.30 - kids at school for chess club
8.00 - parent teacher interview - Micah
8.15 - parent teacher interview - Joel
8.35 - drop Micah off at prep
9.00 - home, get ready for BS
10.00 - bible study
12.15 - home, lunch, party prep, RE prep
1.45 - teach RE
2.45 - pick up kids and 6 extras from school for Joel's birthday party
4.00 - laserforce birthday party (other side of city)
6.00 - drop kids home to parents (some live a long way away)
7.00 - get home, feed our kids dinner, pull them off the ceiling after their sugar high, put them to bed.
7.30 - bible study leaders meeting at our place.
10.00 - stop


  1. It's always interesting getting people's perspectives on the days of the week. The days that I believe are generally the most boring (like Tuesdays...unmitigated study) some find exceedingly busy. I generally like Wednesdays best as they serve as legalised procrastination from all-out study.

  2. I notice that there is no room for blogging there! Miss you Simone!