Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Home holiday

We are on holidays this week. At home.

Andrew, like the complete legend he is, is building a room under the house. It's almost finished. Last night he knocked out an asbestos wall (wearing all the saftey gear - then he wrapped it up and put it into a special bin) and today he's replaced it with a nice sliding glass door. The walls and ceiling are all plastered. Just a few bits and pieces to tidy up. I aim to paint it next week then think about tiles or something for the floor.

Today I went to the aa-cc conference. I listened to Richard Bauckham speak about eyewitness testimony in the gospels, and heard interesting papers on forgiveness and the imprecatory psalms, the challenges of teaching Australian church history, and preaching the Song of Songs. Micheal Jensen also spoke about the Man under trial. All good.

Especially nice to meet fellow bloggers in real life.

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