Thursday, July 23, 2009

Joel has the flu

Quite possibly, that flu. We called the hotline.

Just got to sit it out.


  1. I went down a couple of weeks ago but didn't bother with going to the doc. Then I heard on the radio the following week that they aren't bothering to test people unless they're in certain risk categories and in fact are saying that you don't need to go the the GP if you're displaying 'mild' symptoms - whatever that means.

    Apparently there are risk categories for flu medication that mean you get it for free. Asthma is one. I mentioned this to Mum because she had to pay $45 for Tamiflu, and that's even though she is a pensioner.

    Mum has other issues that you'd think would put her in one of the risk categories so I told her to check this out with her doc and the pharmacist.

  2. Our thre kids have all had the swine thingo. Believe me. You'll know if they get it!!