Thursday, July 30, 2009

our delinquent dog

There has been a dog hanging round our place. When I say 'hanging round' I mean putting holes in our gate, digging under the fence, breaking in, howling outside our window at 5.30 am... But we understand. There is a fine line between true love and stalker-like behaviour. Our beautiful girl, now an adolescent, clearly smells as good to this dog as Bella does to Edward Cullen.

Andrew and I arrived home yesterday and noticed that Arry wasn't there. We both feared the worst. Arry is very pretty but she is not at all clever and has absolutely no road sense. Andrew went walking the streets looking for her. I stayed home to call the council.

The council had good news. With her boyfriend, Arry had been on adventures all over the suburb. The pair of them were found on Sandgate Road (a major road) looking grubby and sheepish. A disabled woman to whom we are very grateful grabbed them and dropped them at a nearby vet. They were examined and put into cages. When I went to get Arry, the vet told me that she is on heat and it's unlikely that the other dog hasn't had his way with her.

So, chances are, we have a teenage pregnancy on our hands. Andrew and I feel like irresponsible parents, but I'm secretly a little excited. Her boyfriend has a nice nature and seems a responsible gentleman... He has been back today.

We'll find out in a couple of weeks if we're expecting.

Arry is Cavalier x Tibetan Spaniel
The other dog is 3 parts Mini Foxy, 1 part Jack Russell.

Both dogs are small, friendly and good looking.

Anyone interested?

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  1. I'd consider being interested if it weren't for the fact that we can't have pets where we rent. And since we're probably going to be renting for a while yet, it wouldn't do to negotiate for a pet on the off chance that the next place we end up in is more pet friendly. :-(