Monday, July 13, 2009

The Origins of the Moabites. A Limerick Cycle.

Micheal would like to see OT narratives finding their way into contemporary Christian music. I am way ahead of him in this. I wrote this cycle many years ago. Unfortunately, I've been unable to write a tune suitable for congregational use. Can anyone help?

A Limerick Cycle on Lot

There once was a man called Lot
Who shared the land that Abraham got
But then in the night
Their servants did fight
So Lot moved to a different spot.

Lot thought that the land of the heathen
Looked like the garden of Eden
So he moved to the plain
From where the Sodomites came
Cities of evil and treason!

The Sodomites, they were not right
They molested a man in the night
God poured fire down
From the sky to the ground
While Abraham watched - what a sight!

Lot ran and escaped from the flames
But his wife didn't fare the same
Lot ended up drunk
With his girls in his bunk
And from there the Moabites came.

sar 1997

see also Cain and Abel Limerick

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