Saturday, July 25, 2009

oversharing solution

Responding to Nathan's confession that he just doesn't care enough about his fb friends to want to hear the details of their mundane lives, Ben lays the blame where it should be laid and poses a solution:

You have illuminated the heart of the problem. The responsibility is in the nerdish, sweaty hands of Facebook themselves. All of these problems stem from the fact that you are either someone’s ‘friend’ or your nothing...

So, there needs to be more FB relationship catagories created to choose from, for eg,
1. I know of your existence and mildly care about you
2. I know you
3. I know you and sort of like you
4. I know you and if pressed, would call you a friend
5. I think you’re swell
6. I am stalking you and like to watch you sleep.

Then, as you choose yr category for each person you follow, the Special Facebook Robot will filter out any info that exceeds your relationship parameters, eg, birth and/or constipation stories.

Problem solved. Thank me later.

Facebook, are you listening?

1 comment:

  1. You need a fan club to pose this solution to Facebook!