Wednesday, September 30, 2009

on the stupidity of my denomination

We are stupid. Really, very stupid. So stupid that we might as well put a sign up out front saying, 'Hey everyone, don't come to us, go to the guys down the street.' People look at us and think 1 Cor 1:26-27. Most stupid thing of all is that in our stupidity, we think we're clever.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Let the right one in

I watched this tonight. Ben suggested it a while back. I was a little freaked out by its 'horror' classification - the last horror movie I saw was nightmare on elm street in the early 1990s - but there were no chain saws and not really anything gruesome at all in let the right one in.

As a vampire movie, it invites comparison with Twilight. Both are beautiful movies. Both have an underlying sadness about them. Both movies are sympathetic to the plight of vampires, they are not really the baddies. They don't want to hurt people, it's just that they need to eat... Both involve an attraction between a vampire and a non-vampire. Both movies have limited dialogue.

Contrasts? Let The Right One In has a 12 year old female vampire, whereas Twilight has a 17 year old male vampire. This, of course, means that the sexual tension is turned up much louder in Twilight. LTROI is more about friendship - which is nice. The striking thing about LTROI is that apart from the main characters (who are 12) and the school bullies, the rest of the cast is middle aged. I wonder if the writers did this so that we wouldn't care so much when they get killed?

Another interesting contrast is in the outcomes of each movie. Oskar is a better kid because of his contact with Eli the vampire. He learns that he doesn't want to hurt people, even if they hurt him. Bella, on the other hand, is much weaker at the end of Twilight. She wants nothing but Edward and to be with him forever and ever...

No doubt I'll think more about Let The Right One In in the next few days. I actually stayed awake for the entire movie (which is rare) and even enjoyed it. I give it 4 and a half stars.

Have you seen it? What do you think?

5 great things

1. Living in Brisbane.
2. Having parents who live on the Gold Coast - and in Palm Beach - perhaps the nicest part of the Gold Coast.
3. Visiting my parents.
4. That we convinced Mum and Dad to get broadband internet a couple of years ago.
5. That Dad still has fast internet left at the end of the month and that I am down here using it up.

twenty years

It's been 20 years this month since I heard and understood the gospel for the first time.

I was in year 9 at school. 13, almost 14. I went on a scripture union camp called 'splashout' in the school holidays. We camped in tents, went to the beach, did bible studies and sang songs. I thought it was fantastic. I had never before met people so committed to Jesus.
There were 2 streams of bible studies to choose from - introductory and advanced. Although I had been to church (a very liberal church) most of my life, I thought I should go to the introductory set. My sister chose the advanced stream. Not sure why I chose as I did, but it was a good decision. Our studies were based on John Chapman's book A fresh start, we were taught the gospel incredibly clearly and I had lots of time to ask my thousands of questions.

Before I went to camp I knew I needed to fix up my relationship with God. I thought that I'd learn to be a good person first, and then talk to God after that. By the end of the week I knew that that wasn't the way. I was amazed (and still am amazed) that forgiveness is what God does. It was a life changing few days. Sometime during them, I became a Christian.

Here's a song we sang. Anyone know it?

He paid a debt he did not owe
I owed a debt I could not pay
I needed someone to wash my sins away.

And now I sing a brand new song
Amazing grace the whole day long
Christ Jesus paid the debt
That I could never pay.

Thankful that God has held onto me for this long. Asking for another 60 years or so.


I have 2 grandparents very ill at the moment.

My grandmother (dad's mum) fell over last week and broke her hip, a leg and her right wrist in 3 places. At 92, recovery from a fall like this is no small thing. They didn't expect her to survive the surgery, but she is a tough old bird and did. But where to from here?

My grandfather (on my mum's side) is 98. He has developed heart problems for the first time in his life. The doctors have found a benign tumor on his heart but don't think that's what's causing his troubles. He is puffed all the time and has heaps of fluid around his heart. My sister (a surgeon) flew down to see if she could work out what's going on. She says it doesn't look good. My grandmother (his wife) is also frail and worried about him.

I've been blessed to have known and still have 3 out of 4 of my grandparents. But I think there's not much time left for them.

I'm sick of funerals. Death has been a far too present reality this year and I don't want any more of it. I feel tired and emotional. Look at me sympathetically and I will cry.

top 5 calorie-rich foods to get fat on

1. Butter chicken, rice and naan bread from a good Indian restaurant
2. Fresh, extra large choc-chip cookies from muffin break (or home baked)
3. Fresh white bread smothered generously with butter
4. Apple pie with lots of cream
5. Chocolate slice or just chocolate

Monday, September 28, 2009

top 5 paintings at Queensland Art Gallery

I know nothing about art. But these are the ones I like to look at most.

1. Vida Lahey Monday Morning (1912)
2. Chaim Soutine Man with ribbons (1921-22)
3. Pablo Picasso La Belle Hollandaise (1905)
4. Sam Fullbrook Ernestine Hill (1970)
5. Fred Williams Yan Yean (1970)

If I could add more to my list, they'd be:
Russell Drysdale Bushfire (1944)
Jon Molvig A twilight of women (1957)

Not sure what this says about my taste. As I say, I know nothing.

internet maxed out

Everything is so s l o w.

I click on something, go make a cup of tea, cook the dinner and put the washing away, then come back to see if the page has loaded yet. This post should appear on my blog some time next week.

looking for an argument.

Nathan, that is. Not me.

This is one I really couldn't be bothered with. Go join in if you have a spare week.

commodifying community

Read this. How stupid we are to think that real things like relationships can be bought or produced by certain techniques.


Our neighbours' house is on fire.

I clean out our gutters,
hose down our roof,
build a 20m brick wall,
throw away my phone,
pull a chair onto the front lawn,
and wait.

The worst will be over soon.

sar 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Idol review - top 9

Sabrina's gone. Good. Any of the bottom 3 would have been fine.

Nathan - Living on a Prayer
I liked him more than other weeks. The hat is an improvement - less annoying than the fringe. He sings well, huge range. Still cheesy.

Scott - Let's groove
Better than last week, but almost anything would have been. Pretty weak at the start. Improved a little as he went on. I wouldn't miss him if he left.

Hayley - Dancing in the Dark
She is fantastic. I guessed the drum thing.

Toby - I wanna know what love is
I don't love him. Smolder doesn't work for me at all. I'm bored.

I think she'll go this week. Not because she's bad - there are plenty worse than her - just because she's not as interesting as Hayley. She looks too perfect so won't get the girl vote. If she could loose the high heels so she can move properly and stop spending so much time obsessing over her hair, she might look like she was enjoying herself and we might be interested. At the moment, I'm not.

Tim - Heaven
Well, he showed us that he's no where near as good as Bryan Adams. Awful. No force. I want to take him outside and beat him up. See if he is any stronger than a wet lettuce leaf. He needs to go.

Kate - When the going get's tough
Awful song. Something went wrong with the arrangement and she got lost, but covered it almost adequately. I'd vote for her (just once) if she'd take off the hat.

Stan - Purple Rain
Audience and judges went silly over this one. And why wouldn't you? It built to a great hillsong/orgasmic moment. Nicely done. He could win.

James - The Power of Love
I love him. So cute - in a Micheal J. Fox kind of a way. Training wheels comment apt.

Top 3 - James, Stan, Hayley

Bottom 3 - Everyone else. They all need to go at some stage.

top 5 things that Joel likes about his Mum

1. She doesn't always get in the way when I'm doing things
2. She bought me a puppy
3. She lets us watch TV (when Daddy isn't here)
4. She lets me do craft (with sticky tape)
5. She buys things for me (like food)

top 5 things that are annoying Joel right now

1. Mummy (because she cancels my computer turns all day every day)
2. Mummy (because she doesn't let me go on the internet)
3. Mummy (because she doesn't let me have my computer turn when my friend is here)
4. TV (because we can't watch anything that's good)
5. Mummy (because she doesn't let me use flour and milk to make goop)

top 5 things that are annoying me right now

1. That I can't blame my kids' (and my) bad behaviour on food allergies.
2. That I can't post all the poems that I've written. What's the point of a nifty metaphor or cool rhyme if you don't share it with others?
3. That it's hard to buy Sophie Hannah's poetry books in Australia.
4. That everything is so tricky and twisted and complicated.
5. That the piano needs dusting again.

top 5 hymn metres

Obscure, I know.

1. 8888 8888
2. 8888
3. 8686 8686
4. 10 10 10 10
5. 47464746 (=11 10 11 10)

Top five musical songs

1. You and I (Chess)
2. One day more (Les Mis)
3. Close Every Door (Joseph)
4. Sunrise Sunset (Fiddler on the Roof)
5. Embassy Lament (Chess)

top 5 girls names that I've never gotten to use

1. Philippa*
2. Millie*
3. Mikaela
4. Anika
5. Alice*

*I have nieces with these names. But I liked them first. If I was to have more kids, I'd like twin girls called Anika and Mikaela. Not sure an order can be put in. Perhaps I should buy puppies or goldfish.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Each morning this week at around 7.10am*, a silver subaru station wagon has pulled up down the road from us. A man gets out of the car, pops the bonnet and disconnects something. Then he locks his car, checks that it's locked, then walks off down the street.

I've been thinking up all kind of explanations. What do you think is going on?

*the time I arrive home from my run/gym class

altered recipe for lemon butter

4 egg yolks
200ml lemon juice
1.5 cups sugar
125g butter
rind of 2-ish lemons

1. Mix together eggs, juice and sugar in saucepan.
2. Add butter and mix over low heat.
3. Keep it over heat for ages till the colour changes a little (gets darker) and it becomes thicker. If in doubt, heat it for longer.
4. Add lemon rind.
5. Bottle.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

is it legit... put John 1 theology into Mary's mouth for the purpose of a little nativity musical? What do you think?

Song for Mary

1. This child who's sleeping peaceful in his cradle
I'm told he holds the whole world in his hands
A baby yet much older than the mountains
God from God before the universe began
God from God before the universe began

2. How can it be that he should call me mother
Created me yet from my body came
This little one I tend like any other
Is the Lord, the king, all tremble at his name
He's my Lord, my king, I tremble at his name.

Could an artist jump onto his canvas, give himself
Could a potter become clay upon his wheel?
Could our God, creator, step inside creation?
Has it happened now? How can this be real?
Has it happened now? How can this be real?

Jesus, how can this be?
Though I hold you now
You are holding me.

sar 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

my house is clean.

dust storm? what dust storm?

[yes I know. stupid to clean now.]

'Jesus!' Amen.

we bow our hearts to the ground
turn our wills to you and pray
'as this book is read
breathe life into the dead.'

jesus our lord, living word
piercing souls like a sword
cut through our defence
and make us wholly yours.

and the people said 'amen'
and the people said 'amen'

o church arise and stand in praise
heaven speaks and hearts are changed
as we hear his word we sing, proclaim,
'jesus!' amen.

sar 2009

Our latest. What do you think? I'm thinking Nehemiah 8. Is the people said 'amen' line dicky? I'll change it if it is.

back online!

how will I cope?

Phone and internet connection died suddenly last night.

Optus... What is going on?

[blogging may not happen much till it's fixed]

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Top 5 Cure Songs

1. Just like heaven
2. Charlotte Sometimes
3. A letter to Elise
4. From the edge of the deep green sea
5. A night like this

the trinity

Following the edifying discussion over at Izaac's blog on the trinity, I thought I'd put a few thoughts up here.

The father is the first person of the trinity. Jesus, also known as 'the Son', is also a part of the trinity. Usually considered the second person of the trinity. Jesus is both God and man. The holy spirit is the third person of the trinity and proceeds from the father and the son.

Have I got that right? Come one, come all and comment!

clean windows!

They are so clean that you can... you know... see through them!

The whole house looks bright and I feel happy.

Monday, September 21, 2009


... do I get an endorphin rush from jogging but not swimming?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Idol Review - Top 10

Really struggling to care. So are the kids. The documentary on the ABC was more interesting to us all, so we watched that for the first half hour.

Happy that Casey went. He needed to.

Sabrina - A bit yelly.

Toby - Not convinced by his changed between lower and higher register

Kim - Her main problem is that she's not as good or as interesting as Hayley. Not sure how she'll overcome this.

Stan - No idea what he was singing about. What's with the hoody?

James - I'm a fan. The slight country thing works for me.

Scott - A train wreck. Embarrassing. Song far too hard for him.

Nathan - A girl's song. Sorry, it just is. I think the camp comments were way unhelpful for a 16 year old.

Kate - It was probably really good. The judges thought so. I can't get past the hat, the shirt or the cliche 'rise above'. Sorry.

Tim - A stupid song choice.

Hayley - Liked her less than last week. Why do R&B?

Based on performances, Scott should go. But he'll probably get the sympathy vote.

What did you think?

the stress of unclutter

Gordon, and now Ali, keep on linking to this website. It's called the Unclutterer and it's about getting and staying organised. Just seeing the links stresses me out. I didn't visit Ali's blog for a whole week because her unclutterer link was too near the top of the page for me to feel comfortable.

Now, I don't like clutter any more than the next person. But every neat system that I've ever tried to reduce it hasn't worked. But there's not a whole lot of junk around our place and I think I have some good advice to offer. Here's my top 5 tips for uncluttering your house:

1. Live in a small house. You'll buy less stuff because finding somewhere to put it will be too hard.
2. Throw things out all the time. You'll find that you'll hardly ever regret it. (Where is that group certificate?)
3. Don't go shopping much. Most mess comes from stuff. Most stuff comes from shops.
4. Don't bring junkmail inside. Junk mail is clutter and causes you to want to go out and buy more stuff to clutter up your house.
5. Take photos of your kids' artwork, upload it to the computer, then chuck out the original.


For the last five days I've been excited about the prospect of clean windows.

This evening I was finding it hard to contain myself... Tomorrow's the day, tomorrow's the day! My wise friend tried to throw a blanket over my enthusiasm by warning me not to pin my hopes for happiness on any single thing. I laughed at her. This is no single thing! This is 12 windows!

But now I am a sad mess. My window cleaning man just rang and cancelled.

I'm sure there is a lesson in there somewhere.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Quiz on optimism and helplessness

Give it a go. Apparently, optimism is something that can be learned.

Friday, September 18, 2009

last day of term

just saying.

Top 5 non-classroom time users on at school today

1. The talent quest (12.40-2.15)
2. The ball games competition (9-11)
3. Interschool sport (12.30-2.45)
4. Year 6 choir (11-11.30)
5. Year 7 choir (11.30-12)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The top 5 things my kids fight over

1. Lego pieces
2. Going first in the shower (no one wants to be first)
3. Someone being annoying
4. Which dvd to watch
5. Who is tidying up toys

The top 5 songs/rhymes I've sung with kids this week

Ben says we should write top 5 lists. Fantastic. Lists are great when you have nothing to blog on.

The top 5 songs/rhymes I've sung with kids this week
1. long legged sailor
2. connie connie in the tub
3. Principal farewell song
4. No one in the house but Dinah
5. ABC

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We need vampire romances...

... because we've neutered most of the other off-limit relationships.

Feel drawn to someone who is : a family enemy, already taken, the same sex, a different race, a different religion, a different social class? Who cares. Go for it anyway.

But the vampire. Here is a great off-limit relationship. Love triumphs over blood-lust. Fantastic. And our hero can still be Mr. Perfect because he can't help his murderous desires. True love, though, will help him rise above them...

What I'd like to see is a truly against-the-odds romance. A beautiful, intelligent, well-adjusted 25 year old falling in love with a boring, ugly, middle aged paedophile.

(Actually, I don't want to see it. Let me watch Twilight again.)

the joy of soon-to-be-clean windows

Everyone has certain things that they need to have clean for sanity's sake. For me, it's the washing up, the floor and the windows. The washing can be way out of control and the bathroom can be a health hazard, but if the floors, windows and kitchen are clean, I will sleep well at night.

For the last 2 years the disgustingly dirty state of my windows has been frustrating me. Our house is highset and every window has security screens so I have no way of cleaning the outsides. I suspect that they haven't been cleaned since the house was built 45 years ago.

But I've finally bitten the bullet. A man is coming on Monday to clean my windows for me. I've never spent money on something like this before and am feeling hap-hap-happy.

Rejoice with me. Life is about to get better.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

things I like

A long(ish) slow run. Makes me feel good.

Monday, September 14, 2009

charles in charge

Remember this?

Maso mentioned it in Ben's Monday quiz.

Do you remember it?

like widget

Don't know if I'll keep the 'like' widget. I think I'll get rid of the second two options and just give people the option to tick 'like'. If you don't like something (including the widget) you should leave a comment to tell me.

My issue with it is that it looks a little messy at the bottom of the post.

What do you think?



'like' function

You know how facebook has that little 'like' function you can click on? It lets you acknowledge someone's status update (or photo or whatever) without having to have anything profound to say about it. You can simply 'like' it - which is fantastic*.

I think blogger needs a 'like' function. A 'like' option would help lure the lurkers from the shadows and get more conversation happening. It would also stop the phenomenon that Nathan has documented where the most original and insightful posts get no comments at all.

Has anyone come across a blog 'like' widget?

* 'Unlike' is also a great. I often need to undo thoughtless 'liking'. eg. "Tom's grandfather died today" - I want to acknowledge that I've read this, so I click 'like' then realise that it seems a bit heartless...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Idol Review - Top 11

So Ashleigh's gone. Stupid decision, Australia.

Hayley - She's great. I love watching her sing. Hope she stays till the end.

Casey - This guy needs to go. Boring. If you're singing 'I'm not over it' - then be not over it! I wish he'd stop leaning over.

Kate - Yeah. She's just not my favourite. Maybe it was good, but I'm not into it.

Nathan - Thought the comment that he doesn't know who he is yet was insightful (though how many 16 yo boys do?) and that's what all the posing and preening is about. Still hate the fringe. If he really wants to be vulnerable, he should pull it back and let us see his face. But he sang really well. It's the first time I've been interested.

Toby - A pure voice. Interesting almost. Still not quite getting him.

Tim - The judges thought he was good. I could have changed channels at any point.

Sabrina - Thought she was good. I like that she didn't talk back this week.

James - I love this guy. The genre wasn't particularly him, but he still held my attention.

Scott - Yeah, a bit amateur, but he's more interesting than some and I don't want him to go yet.

Kym - Pretty good, probably. Dress makes me nervous too.

Stan - Crowd pleaser song. Good choice. Well sung.

Favourites from tonight - Hayley, James, Stan, Sabrina, Nathan.

Middle of the road, I don't care - Kim, Scott, Tim, Toby, Kate.

Who should go - Casey.

I'm not feeling really into Idol this year. I probably would have not bothered, except the kids are keen. Maybe I'll warm towards it.

Demolition Work

Through meshed wire
we see the rectangles
of exposed foundations
where small strong buildings
once stood.
Bare earth
with traces of brick
and tiled flooring
open to the sky.
A broken, partly plastered, rear wall
still stands.

People once worked here;
they thought
and talked
and laughed here.
They came here daily
and stood where now
the earth is scarred
and birds alone
employ themselves
scavenging among the ruins.

It's all so familiar.
The demolishers have been.
The future has
brushed aside the past.
On this site, in due time,
some office block will rise
and take its place
in the crowded skyline
of our city.
It's a commonplace.
Our urban surgeons
perform these
cosmetic feats daily.

But, even so, I'm troubled.
not by the absence
of the familiar,
for these buildings
meant nothing to me;
troubled by the impermanence.
This vacant block,
this earthly blemish
on the city's proud face,
plucks the mortar from my life
and writes 'condemned'
on every wall.

The exposed foundations
are mine
and I tremble.

Bruce Smith

womens' minister role at church

Michelle has put some great comments down on this women's ministry post. You should have a read.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

luke7:36-50 questions

[Read the passage here.]

1. Why did the pharisee view the woman with distaste? Was it because:
  • she was ceremonially unclean
  • she was riff-raff
  • she was guilty of sin
  • there was social pressure on him to exclude her
  • she was behaving inappropriately and he was embarrassed.
2. Why was the woman sinful? I assume it was because she was a prostitute. In which case:
  • how did the Pharisee know she was a prostitute?
  • She mustn't have looked obviously like a prostitute - the pharisee thought a prophet would know her to be one, but not a non-prophet...
3. Why did the woman do what she did? I assume she had heard about Jesus and had the faith to know that she needed him... But
  • was this in any way a normal first century response?
  • tears and hair don't seem the most effective foot washing materials. Perfume is good - but get the feet clean first! Why didn't she find a bucket of water?
  • Was the hair and tears bit premeditated or spur of the moment?
  • The perfume bit was premeditated. Had the jar always been in her family? Had she gone out and bought it with her earnings? What does perfume symbolise at this early stage of Luke's gospel (I'm thinking it's probably not burial annointing.)
4. Jesus interprets her actions as love. What kind of love are we talking here?
  • are their sexual overtones?
  • does it matter if there are?
If this woman were a prostitute, I think it's likely that there would have been sexual overtones in all of her dealings with men - consciously or unconsciously. And her repentance and love for Jesus may have needed to be expressed in a bodily way - touching and kissing. Likely all of her feelings for and interactions with men were somewhat confused in their motives and expressions. But notice how kind and gentle Jesus is with her. He meets her where she's at, unembarrassed.

When we cry out to God, we do so from the mess of our sin. We can't help it - so entwined we are. Our manner of confessing and our motives will be mixed. But cry out we must or we'll be out in the cold with the hypocritical pharisee who stayed respectfully silent (and little forgiven.)

Friday, September 11, 2009

lemon butter

I want to make more lemon butter tomorrow (to prove to the world that I am indeed a domestic queen). My last lot was nice, but I think it tasted a bit too eggy. I used this recipe. Does anyone have a better one?

How to lose 1.5 kilos in a week

1. Eat the same as normal

2. Do 2 less weights classes

3. Do a long, very slow run

Trouble is, I don't think this kind of weight loss counts for much or lasts for long. I think I'd rather be heavier and stronger.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

facebook cry for help

The 10 and 12-year-old girls updated a Facebook status to say they were lost in an Adelaide drain, and a young friend called for help on their behalf.

Glenn Benham from the Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) says it is concerning the girls raised the alert on the social networking site instead of calling 000.

from here.

Concerning? Maybe. Surprising? No.

To them it was probably just like calling mum or a friend for help. They knew their friends would be online. They expected them to respond.

And what a great status update! Would have been a shame to have not used it.

making mud pies

The problem with traditional mud pies is that they don't stay together. Yes, they're nice to hold in your hand (or to throw at an unexpecting sibling), but once you put them down on the ground, they're history.

What we need is a sturdier model, like...

Joel's Mud Pies

developed in our backyard, yesterday afternoon and presented to 3KV today*.

Why this is a good way to make mud pies

  1. I made it up myself

  2. This kind of mud pie sets instead of staying runny


  1. lemon juice

  1. bicarb soda

  2. PVA glue

  1. patty papers

  2. dirt


  1. Put lemon juice into a dish

  2. Put in bi-carb soda until the mixture is gooey

  3. add a squirt of glue and stir

  4. stack a few patty papers together for strength and put mixture into patty papers

  5. brush glue onto mixture

  6. sprinkle dirt on top

  7. repeat steps 5-6 a few times

I spoke to his teacher afterwards. Most of the kids were very interested. One, though, just didn't get it. He kept asking 'why would you do that?' Poor kid. He's probably under the illusion that playing his Wii is a purposeful activity.

* the topic he had to speak on was 'My favourite...' I imagine most kids would have picked their favourite book or tv show or game. I think Joel probably stretched the bounds of the topic here.

Music teacher rant

Recorder rules

1. No twisting or twirling recorders
2. No throwing recorders
3. Your recorder is not a sword. No fighting with recorders.
4. No poking with recorders.
5. No touching recorders unless I've asked you to.
6. No blowing recorders except when asked.
7. Make a good decision about where you put your recorder. Some people will be able to keep their recorder next to them. For others it will be wiser to bring them to the front of the classroom right now.

Breaking any of these rules will lead to litter duty at lunch time. Remember that recorders are dangerous. Following these rules will keep our ears and bodies safe.

long legged sailor

... is a great song. Or it was.

But I just taught it to 8 primary classes, back to back.

By the 8th, I had that lesson pretty slick.

I need another song to flog to death tomorrow. Ideas? (Tomorrow is yr 1 and 2.)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

6 things I don't like about feminism

1. the me me me-ness that it often promotes
2. that the feminist movement over all has strongly supported abortion rights
3. that feminist readings of texts are often very poor readings of texts
4. that feminist christians often struggle to accept revelation over reason
5. that not all feminists joined the anti-pornography movement of the late 1970's.
6. that feminists and christians don't fight harder for the well being of women in developing countries

Despite my predictions...

... a reasonably productive day. With good and bad.

  • shopping and washing more under control
  • made a husband-pleaser dinner
  • baked an all-bran loaf
  • encouraging and in-depth chat with friend this afternoon
  • started reading a new volume of C.S. Lewis letters
  • new bike shopping for oldest child
  • chat with a teacher after school. So hard to hear a teacher that I trust and respect tell me she thinks our boy may never be able to write a standard report (eg. on an animal), and that there's no point me trying to work with him on it at home. What do I do with that? (Except cry?)

feminism mop up

This is a response to my polemical post 'feminism is not responsible for...' from a few days ago.

1. I was kidding about global warming. I've never heard that pinned on feminism.

2. Working mums, institutionalised child care, pornography, raunch culture, and homosexuality have, of course, been influenced by feminist thinking. The point I'd like to make is that there were/are broader things going on in our culture that have made a bigger impact than feminism. It gets on my nerves when Christians see feminism as the big nasty that we need to shoot down (not noticing that, in many ways, it's already dead) instead of the bigger, nastier and more insidious evils of capitalism, greed, power hunger and our insatiable sexual lust.

When was the last time you heard of a young guy wanting to put a dent in captitalism's hold on our country? Ummm. Never. How about someone writing/preaching anti-feminist stuff? Last week? Yesterday?

I think it takes little guts to preach against feminism because that's where our society is going anyway. More than ever, girls are dreaming of life-long marriage to Prince Charming and planning to forsake career for his sake. Doctors are telling us to have kids earlier. Politicians are telling us to have more kids. It is not counter cultural for our preachers to be telling us this stuff.

It is counter cultural for our preachers to tell us to reject capitalism: to rent a small house in a low socio-economic suburb, to buy a cheap car, to send our kids to state schools (and limit their academic and social advancement)... to do whatever to show that money and power don't matter. This is what I need to hear. I don't need to hear about whether or not women should be working outside the home.


nothing to do...
[but the vast piles of washing, the shopping and some cleaning]

nothing to say...
[no well formed (or even semi-formed) thoughts, anyway]

nothing to think...
[nothing constructive, anyway]

I know. Why don't I spend the day sitting behind my computer clicking through blogs (not reading any- can't be bothered!) then feel bad cause I've wasted so much time?

Aargh! What do others do in such a mood?

I have a spare day

and no motivation.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

recipe tag!

The lovely Ali has tagged me in a recipe, err, tag, so how could I resist. Here are the rules:

* I post a recipe here and tag four people.

* They choose one ingredient from my recipe and post a recipe using this ingredient on their blog, linking back to the previous blog that posted a recipe.

* They then tag four new people, and we will see how it grows.

* To keep it exciting please post within a week of receiving the tag.

Okay. Thought I'd be honest and give the last thing I cooked. Here it is:

Dinner from last night (as it evolved)

1. Defrost 600g lean mince

2. Find a bag of 6 potatoes. Peel. Wonder what to do next. See a crinkle cut cutter on the drainer. Chop potatoes into chip shapes with crinkle cut cutter. Put on tray with oil. Turn on over to 200 ish.

3. Get mince from microwave and look at it. Wonder what to do. Put it in bowl with breadcrumbs, tomato sauce, egg, salt and CRACKED PEPPER (Ali's ingredient). Mix with hand. Realise that I've been on the way to making rissoles but can't grill them because I'm using the oven for the chips. Stop. Wonder.

4. Pull out a slice-type baking tray. Line with paper. Make meat balls and put close together on tray.

5. Cut an onion. Sprinkle onion over meatballs.

6. Pour jar of Dolmio sauce over meatballs and onions.

7. Sprinkle grated cheese over meatballs, onions and dolmio sauce.

8. Put chips and meatball thing into oven.

9. Find Broccoli and Cauliflower (my 2 favourite veges). Cut up finely. Put in microwave safe bowl with a little water. Cover and ccok on high for a while.

10. Mix a bit of flour with salt and pepper and some milk (1 cup?). Tip over broc and cauliflower. Mash up a bit and cook some more.

11. Hope chips, veges and meatballs are all ready at about the same time. Eat and enjoy.

Hmmm. Who should I tag? Wendy? Naomi? Andrew (go on honey!) Lucy?

Monday, September 7, 2009

body pump 71 review

Have been doing this one for a while now. Here's what I think.


Warm up: Magnetized (Original Mix) – James Sampson

Yeah. Normal.

Squats: Summer of 69 (Picco, Jens O & Maddin Original Mix)– Mega-mania

Pretty easy, this one. Some bottom halves, but there's not much else tricky so it's fine. The music is cliched - not the original song, but the mix bits. Cut and paste from 50 billion other songs.

Chest: Right Round – Flo Rida

Hard. I've fatigued out every time. Then there's push ups at the end. Hard.

Back: When love becomes a lie (Cascada Remix) – Liz Kay

No row in between the clean and presses - tiring but over pretty fast. The bar is really heavy for the rows by the end.

Triceps: Black Fingernails, Red Wine – Eskimo Joe

I do my own thing for triceps, so can't say.

Biceps: What I’ve Done – Hiroshi Free

Fine. Lyrics for this song interesting. Change about 5 words and we'd sing it in church...

Lunges: Doesn’t Matter – Mamad Voltek

I like this. With step. Not really hard.

Shoulders: Operation Blade 09 – Public Domain

It keeps going at the end when you think it's all over! Overhead presses, plate work, push ups, plate work, overhead presses.

Abs: Circus – Britney Spears

On step. Interesting. I like it. Funny plank hold at end off step.

Cooldown: Sober – Pink

Always love pink.

The 60s is the decade that just won't die

It's standard operating procedure, practically a rite of passage, for each new generation to fiercely rebel against the one that preceded it -- regardless of the optimistic nonsense that Pepsi's highly paid ad agency would have you believe. But for anyone unlucky enough to follow those who came of age in the 1960s, defiance to some extent has felt all but impossible. This is because, quite frankly, the 60s marked a high point in the evolution of American society as a whole and set an inapproachable standard across so many aspects of our culture -- music, art, political activism, even the act of defiance itself -- and it did this despite being one of the most turbulent periods in our nation's history.

And how do we know this?

Because for 40-some-odd years, the ****ing Baby Boomers have never stopped reminding us.

from here.

Summer of 69 is on the current body pump release. Stupid nostalgia. Get over it. Pretty sad if your teenage years were the best days of your life.

feminism is not responsible for:

  • mothers working outside the home (nope, that's capitalism)
  • institutionalised child-care (capitalism as well)
  • raunch culture (this is a 'bizarre twisting of 'liberation' by men for their own ends')
  • pornography (it didn't need feminism!)
  • homosexuality (in a culture of permissiveness, where else is there to go?)
  • global warming

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Idol Review Top 12

People through... Toby, Hayley, Casey, Tim. Three guys. We're any of them any goood? I had to look up last week's review to remember. But Hayley's through, so I don't particularly care.

Anyway, on with this week's show...

Ashleigh - Miss Independance
She comes across so confident. Solid. I like her. Wonder how much range she has in her voice. Good performance. Hope she stays.

Scott - Come Together
A bit high school performancy... only because of inexperience I think. He's interesting. Sings well. Will watch where he ends up.

Why the guitar? He's strumming 4 to a bar. Hardly impressive. All the licks are from the band. He sings well. Pleasant to listen to. But I liked Dicko's comment - how's he different from everyone else?

Hayley - Light Surrounding You
No where near as good as last week. Like her version of this song better than the original (hate the original - preachy and stupid) but she should sing something more upbeat... or just better. [I wish Marcia and others would stop saying 'very unique'. Something is either unique or it isn't. Grrrr.]

James - How to Save a Life
Yeah. Okay. I think he could win. I want to listen again.

Sabrina - Earth Song
Overcoached - yeah. Don't talk back to the judges. It never pays. Listen to them, they're right. She sings really well and I liked it but might get sick of her drama.

Nathan - Stop and Stare
Sick of the fringe already. A bit cheesy? He sings good.

Stan -
Was on the phone to my mum and missed this one. Was it good?

Toby -
(listening in background...)

Kim -
Great (still on phone so wasn't listening hard)

Bit boring? (don't know - still on phone)

Truth is, I hate hats. Male or female, if there's a hat, I switch off. Line dance thing doesn't work for me either. It might have been good but I don't care if I don't see her again.

Overall, pretty good show.

Best? James.

Who should go? Kate or Tim or Casey?

What did you think?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

father's day

What a nightmare tomorrow will be for so many people. Why do we have these be-happy days?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Is this a reflection on how things are?

Lots of little girls called Juliette out there. Not so many boys called Romeo.


I'm okay. My name's not Juliette so I never had any expectations.

[Just reflecting after listening to this most unhelpful song. Top of the pops for 6 year old girls (and their mums).]

Thursday, September 3, 2009

What is with...

... all the homosexuality in Torchwood?

Man. Someone has issues.

iTunes top 3

In the interests of blogger honesty (see Ali's post), I thought I'd tell you what the top 3 most listened to songs are on my iTunes. I'm not counting the stuff that I've been involved with writing. Assume that various demos of various songs have been listened to alot... But after those, my current top 3 are:

1. Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance

2. The Tide - The Dailies

3. Now What - The Dailies

What's your top 3?

post pull-down

Hi Guys.

I've pulled down that song post thing from earlier. Don't think it was the wisest thing to have put up in the first place. Andrew (in his cluey-ness) worked out exactly who wrote on that page I linked to in the first place, and from what we know of the situation, the theological issues that she raises are probably not the underlying issues.

However, as Joanna (my wise and wonderful sister-in-law) pointed out, the theological issues are worth discussing. So lets do it.

There are many people in our churches, who through abuse or life experience or whatever, have a distorted picture of themselves and God - that they are unusually unworthy or hopeless or polluted. How do we talk about sin and God's perception of us in a way that is true but that doesn't add fuel to their unhealthy cycle of despair?

To get us thinking...

Here is a song that I wrote ages ago. I like it and am hoping that it will make it to a cd soon. I've had feedback that the second verse paints things a bit black. What do you think? Not thinking about yourself, but for the despairing brother or sister in the pew behind you. How would they hear the words? Do I need to change them?

As surely as the dawn will come

As surely as the dawn will come
As certain as the day
There's mercy for the weary heart
And hope for all who stray.
The Father holds his arms out wide
And bids the sinner come
So come and rest your soul in him
Find shelter in his love.

My sin is nails within his hands
His crown of thorns, my pride
My loveless anger, selfishness
The sword within his side.
And though I'm blackened, scarred by sin
Corrupted through and through
As surely as the dawn will come
There's mercy ever new.

As surely as the dawn will come
Death is consumed by life,
For God has made a way through wrath
His anger satisfied.
Now all is mercy, every breath
Is goodness, undeserved
So I will give my life to praise
The kindness of my Lord.

sar 2007

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Meeting famous people

Today we met Andy Griffiths, author of edifying kids books like Just Disgusting, and What Bumosaur is that. He was at a council library, sponsored by our local ABC radio station.

It was all very exciting. Nathan loves AG's books, he loves to talk, he loves and audience and he loves listening to Kelly Higgins-Devine on ABC radio. This afternoon, all of these loves met. He got to meet AG, meet his favourite radio personality and talk to a huge audience on the radio about AG's books. All good.

But what did he say? All the normal stuff- name, age, favourite book, favourite part of the book... Here's where things got a bit tricky. Nathan, in his innocence, couldn't say what his favourite chapter of his favourite book was called because it used the 'c' word. The announcer didn't quite know what to say at this point. Should she push him to say it? Best not. Just in case.

Bless him. It was all pretty funny. The chapter was called 'A terrible Christmas and a crappy new year.'

Micah (age 5) got to ask Andy a question a little later. He asked 'Why do you write rude books?' He meant to say 'disgusting' but couldn't get the word out. 'Rude' is almost the same.

God's Love Is Like A Unicorn

Mark and Jennie B. have suggested that we make a cd with the title track God's Love Is Like A Unicorn. The cd will be warm and fuzzy and include beautiful things like rainbows, golden retrievers and bunnies. So let's get going and write this thing together. We'll start with the chorus:

Metrical pattern - 8, 8, 4+4, 8
de dum de dum de dum de dum
de dum de dum de dum de dum
de dum de dum
de dum de dum
de dum de dum de dum de dum

Line 1 : God's love is like a unicorn....

dog tired

Last night I lay on my bed with my books open in front of me too tired to read or write. I thought I'd watch a dvd but didn't have the energy to get up and put one on.

Monday night was the same.

Glad I'm only working one day this week.

Some people feel like this all the time.