Monday, July 6, 2009

home handy-(wo)man hints

I'm finishing off our room under the house. Andrew built it, but I do the glory jobs of painting and picking carpet. Andrew thinks it's best that I only do the end bits. Not sure why.

Here are some tips for beginner renovators.
  • One thick and chunky coat is just as good as two or three thin coats. And faster.
  • If something's not quite right, apply putty.
  • Joint adhesive stuff is pretty cool and fun to use. Be creative in your use of it.
  • Don't worry about lifting your house to legal height. It's easier to paint the ceiling if it's a bit lower.
  • It's always worth buying a new painting gadget. They usually don't work any better than a standard brush and roller combo, but they create expectations of easy painting, filling you with enthusiasm to start the job.

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