Sunday, July 19, 2009

this stops here

The speed doesn't surprise him
nor the recklessness -
he's been driving with them forever.
But now in his own car
he is surprised
that they don't notice him.
That he's stopped.

He sits,
foot on brake.
Up ahead, kids ride bikes.
Pink streamers burst from their handlebars.
He presses his back hard against the seat.
A roar from behind
and he absorbs the impact
as generations plough in.

The others move around the wreckage
talking about scratches and new paint.
In front, the kids have races and laugh.
Crushed between seat and steering wheel
with a foot still on the brake
he mutters to himself,

this stops here.

sar 2009


  1. Wow. Now having read it in light of the Larkin poem, the impact of this is immense. Really good job, S! Particularly poignant for me as I have been wrestling with all these issues the last 2 weeks while visiting my dad...

    Thank you for your writing! It's great.

  2. Thanks Bec. I've been following your trip. Nothing is easy, is it?

  3. Yes, after reading the Larkin poem the light went on, and it is very sadly apt at present also.

  4. Simone,
    Absolutely brilliant - and thanks for pointing out the F poem too. How do you think it would go reading both of them at Mens Training Event? Sadly most would be more shocked by the vocab than the underlying abuse.
    Phil C

  5. I'm sure men who go to christian conferences have never heard such language before. Best not expose them now!

    [but feel free. let me know if you do. mine needs a re-write.]

  6. Thanks Simone,

    I thought I would get emails about follow ups here, but then again, maybe you don't have that option - argghh! - blogs confuse me.

    You know, quite coincidentally I have just started reading "Relationships: A Mess Worth Making" by Tripp and Lane (bought it months ago). Not far in yet, but so far very good.