Saturday, July 25, 2009

my dad

My Dad turns 60 next week. I'm putting together a photobook for him with (theoretically) one picture for each year of his life. Mum and I got looking through old photos last night. Here are a few.

1. Dad was really good at Aussie Rules. He was best and fairest on the Gold Coast. He's the one jumping the highest.

2. Dad is the twin on the right.

3. Our family. Pick me?


  1. That's really nice. I did a similar thing for my in-laws fiftieth wedding anniversary.

    And I like how you say played 'aussie rules' not AFL. I'm just a stickler for that. It's the only sport I like, I'm allowed to be. If my husband had been twenty years older he might have played your Dad, but he would have got best and fairest :P .

  2. Your Dad looks like a legend. Nothing looks better on a man than Carlton Football Club jumper and a pair of tight white shorts. Terrific photo too. Good grab.

    Great to read about a Queenslander who played the national game.

    Did his Qld team wear the Carlton colours?

  3. yes. He was a big carlton fan - still is. He almost made it as a professional player. Probably could have if he lived south.

  4. Wowsers. I'm still coming to terms with the bluebaggers loss to the pies on friday night. I'm living in Tassie but travelling each week to the PTC in Melbourne. The faculty from the principal down are all pies supporters. I think I'll cancel my flight this week:)

  5. Ben - yes.

    Al - you commute to Melbourne for college? Might as well fly to QTC in Brisbane. It's better**.

    **(I say that as a board member for QTC and knowing nothing about PTC.)

  6. I checked out QTC. A mate of mine is on faculty there. Too hot for a cold blooded Tassie boy like me though.