Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Don't say you weren't warned

I'm yelling at people today. So far I've limited it to family members, but if you turn up here, you may also be yelled at.

Just in case you need to come over, don't ask me:
  • for clothes to wear
  • for food
  • for more food
  • for something to do
Don't complain:
  • that you've got no socks to wear (go look outside around the trampoline)
  • that cleaning the lounge is boring (I didn't cover it with dirt and grass)
Don't ask why:
  • the dog can't come inside
  • Star Wars 2 and 3 are M rated
  • why I don't let kids watch M rated movies
  • we can't go to Laser Force
And do not even think of making:
  • a magic potion
  • a cubby house for the dog
  • a bomb of any kind (flour etc)
on the brand new carpet.

Today I do not value creativity or conversation. I want everyone with their heads down, cleaning up in SILENCE. (I also want chocolate.)

1 comment:

  1. as i read that 2nd last sentence i got a chill down my spine. you are a formidable lady.

    ps- in case i've done something wrong-- sorry.