Friday, July 10, 2009

friday night is better...

...with ABC2.

Watched Torchwood tonight. Joel asked us to tape it for him (he's a Doctor Who fan) which we did, not knowing what it would be like. Andrew and I loved it but the kids will not be seeing it for many years.


  1. it is huge over here...not that I've seen it, i don't think it would be my thing anyway

  2. Cyberwoman? It was a good episode (just watched on iView). Loved the opening sequence where they introduced Lisa to us with Mogwai 'I'm no here' as the soundtrack.

    I find Torchwood a bit hit and miss, with, unfortunately, a bit more of the miss, but that episode was a particularly strong hit.

  3. Yes, that was the episode.

    Don't extinguish my hopes! I was holding this out as my next tv addiction!