Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Resolutions.

1. Move north. 
2. Parent a teenager.
3. Get a new job.
4. Get a new church.
5. Experience life in a different climate and with different people.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Want a tour through our new house?

Andrew made this little video for the kids. They won't get to see our new place for another 3 weeks. Take a look!


Plan A has been successfully executed. Our new house in Cairns is set up (except for one room). Our kids survived without us for four days and made it to Melbourne. Their very gracious grandparents survived as well.

Today we flew from Cairns to Melbourne. The air isn't as thick and warm down here but it's great to see the kids again.

It doesn't feel like Christmas to us. We gave our boys their presents over a week ago. We're doing our extended family Christmas thing on new years eve, so tomorrow will just kind of be another day. But we'll go to church. So far this month I've only heard 5 christmas sermons, so it will be good to get another one in!

I hope you all have a very happy christmas.


Friday, December 21, 2012

What really sucks...

... is that we'll have broken the back of our unpacking just when the Mayan calendar ends and the zombie apocalypse starts. Perhaps we should just keep our stuff safe in the container for a few weeks while everything finds a new post apocalyptic normal.

What's not to like?

crocodiles, humidity, heat, distance from friends and family


Friday 21st December

Don't believe this day is here!

By some mighty miracle, everything is going to plan.

Andrew and I are in Cairns. We've just been for a 5km jog and a 1km swim. It's a lovely 24 degrees.

In one hour we sign our lease and pick up our house keys.

Then at around lunch time, all of our stuff should be delivered.

This afternoon, my mum drives our kids from the Gold Coast to Brisbane. Tomorrow, they set out for Melbourne with Andrew's parents. We'll meet them there on Monday night.

But now we've got to get ourselves ready for the big unpack. The removalists put beds together etc, but we've got to do the rest. How long should it take? Ten hours? Twenty?

Monday, December 17, 2012


The removalists arrive in 30 minutes.

Big day.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Last Sunday at Church

After 10 years.

I'll miss the piano.

And playing it with people who know what I'm thinking.

And being able to say 'That was rubbish. Let's do it again.' without offending.

I'll miss the beautiful rose window.

And the lovely organ pipes.

And our pretty leaf logo.

I'll miss the morning teas, lovingly prepared.

And the conversation and laughs in the hall.

I'll miss being in the place that has so many memories.

Breastfeeding a little one in the hall. My baby asleep under the piano while I played.

Joel hiding under the communion table during church while I was playing piano and trying to communicate to friends that I had lost him.

Joel's name written in permanent marker on the church wall (in his backwards 6 year old scrawl.)

Nathan sitting at the sound desk.

I'll miss being around people who have watched our children grow, who have cared for them over the years and who love them.

I'll miss being around people who know me and love me despite knowing me. The people who have prayed with me, ministered to me, grown with me.

I'll miss the familiarity, the history.

But none of that is what I'll miss most.

Thank you all for the last decade.

We love you and will miss you.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

House cleaning.

I think houses should come with waterproof insides so I could just hose it all out. 

There could be a three step house cleaning machine. You clear everything out, then hose it with the sudsy wash, then rinse it with water, then dry it with a massive blow dryer.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The mother of invention


I wrote Nathan out a harmony part for 'Safe and Sound' as part of the year 7 graduation song medley.

He played it through once or twice then lost it. Or maybe I lost it. I certainly lost my own chart.

I offered to write something out for him again but he said, 'Don't worry, Mum. I'll just make it up.' And he did.

That's my boy!

Choices: Get better with paper organisation or learn to improvise.

We have a house!

Next Friday, we'll be moving our stuff in to this house.


We've not seen inside it at all - there's no inside pics on, but we trust that it is pretty much the same as all the other houses in the suburb.

Ticking stuff off

Academic Awards evening performances - DONE
Musical - DONE

Today the year 7s have to repeat their graduation songs at a school assembly. I need to organise that, then clean up all the sound gear in the school (quite a big job), return my school computer, box up all my work resources and clean out my classroom.

The packers come to our place tomorrow. It is a disgusting mess. Before they get here we need to pack our bags - Andrew and I for a week, the kids for a month.  We also need to chuck out about 10 wheelie bins worth of stuff. Not sure how that is going to happen.

I should probably just start.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Plan A seems to (maybe) be going ahead.

It looks like things might fall into place for our move. All our stuff is getting packed up on Friday and is going on the train on Monday. We are now told that the house we've applied for will be available pre-Christmas. I'm hoping pre-Christmas doesn't mean Christmas Eve. We need it next Thursday - 20/12. Someone is having a look at it for us today. After that, our application can get processed. If we suit and the date works, then we can buy flights to Cairns next week and move in.

Things seem to be moving very slowly, but hopefully we'll know one way or the other by tomorrow. If this house isn't going to work out, we have to quickly start the process again with another one.

Cool date


Monday, December 10, 2012

Read between the lines.

Dear Parents,

On Wednesday this week, reports will be handed out. On Thursday there will be class break up parties, a farewell to the year 7s and a final school assembly. The kids will have emptied their tidy trays and taken all their books and pencils home. Their chairs will be stacked in piles and the desks will be pushed against the walls.

On Friday, the teachers use the day to tidy up their own stuff, empty filing cabinets, finish filing everything and moving their things into the classrooms they'll be teaching in next year. There is a special lunch for staff. While some children come to school, attendance on this day is not expected. There will be no lessons held. The few children who are at school will be grouped together and put to work cleaning. Notes will not be sent home for children who are absent.

It's been a great year, but we are all looking forward to THURSDAY afternoon. We hope you have a lovely holiday.

Yours etc.

Wrapping up...

3 performances and one cd left to do at school.

I'm organising the year 7 leaving song again this year.

I'm a sucker for wanting to give lots of kids parts, so we're doing a medley of 5 songs - Skyfall, Chasing the Sun, Good Riddance, Safe and Sound, and Hall of Fame. It's length is a bit epic, but the kids like it.

Last week of school!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

3 weeks without sugar or artificial sweeteners

I've lost 3kg.

I don't miss sugar.

I had half a can of diet softdrink yesterday. I used to guzzle the stuff, but drinking it now seems kind of pointless.

It's meant to take 3 weeks to lose the taste for sugar. I think I've lost it, but I'm a bit bored with eating overall. I've been too busy to experiment with any new flavours, so I've pretty much just eaten things plain. I'll need to work more with fresh herbs etc if I'm to keep going. I'm not hungry much anymore except at lunch and dinner times, which is good.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Love in blogdom

We had a lovely email from a Cairns blog reader this week.

She had some good advice on property in Cairns. Who would have thought of issues like flooding?

Two performances down....

... And one cd basically made.

Still got to finish year 7 cd and get the kids to burn them all off.

This time next week the packers will be here.

Still no house confirmed.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Song for today. Air Conditioner.

One performance down!

My Junior Choristers are amazingly good at picking stuff up quickly. Fab.

RE finished!

Monday, December 3, 2012

My next three weeks - 6 performances, 4 cities, moving house.

Tuesday 4/12

RE Christmas pagaent. Put on by my Junior Choir with half hour rehearsal. I hope they'll be able to pull it off. For 7 year olds, they're a pretty disciplined group.

Final church bible study. Sad.

Wednesday 5/12

Junior Choir performs (outside! Annoying!) at the building opening post school fire in December 2012.

Year 6 CD launch. Remember all those songs I've been posting? I need to finish tidying them up by Wednesday and print of a pile of CDs. We're having some kind of party.

Thursday 6/12

Funeral for Andrew's great aunt. The third elderly relative we've lost this year.

Friday 7/12

Staff Christmas Party

Saturday 8/12

Church Christmas carols rehearsal.

Sunday 9/12

Church Christmas carols and preschool pagaent.

Monday 10/12

Rehearsals for next two days

Tuesday 11/12

Academic Awards evening. I'm organising the year 7 graduation songs (Chasing the sun, Good Riddance, Hall of Fame, Safe and Sound) and accompanying the senior choir. Rehearsals all day, performances at night.

Wednesday 12/12

Premier of 'Courtney - The Musical'. Remember that *great* idea I had in January, that I'd get a group of kids to write a musical? Well, it's done!

Thursday 13/12

Kids' last day at school. I'll be saying goodbye to all the kids on this day.

Friday 14/12

Micah's birthday. The packers arrive and put all our earthly possessions into boxes.

Saturday 15/12


Sunday 16/12

Final Sunday at church.

Monday 17/12

All our earthly possessions go off on a train to Cairns.

Tuesday 18/12

House cleaning.

Wednesday 19/12

House cleaning then drive to my parents place on the Gold Coast.

Thursday 20/12

If we've found a house, Andrew and I fly to Cairns. Kids stay with my parents.

Friday 21/12

If we've found a house (hopefully!) Andrew and I unpack our stuff and set up shop in Cairns. Kids go to Brisbane to Andrew's parents.

Saturday 22/12

Kids drive with Andrew's parents to Melbourne. We continue to unpack.

Sunday 23/12

Kids continue to drive to Cairns. Andrew and I have a day off together.

Monday 24/12

Andrew and I fly to Melbourne.

Tuesday 25/12

Happy Christmas!