Thursday, July 9, 2009

mothers of awesomeness

To prove to ourselves that we are indeed mothers of awesomeness (and not the angry cows we are sometimes mistaken for) my friend Megan and I did cooking with our kids today. With our seven kids. And not just pikelets or cornflake cookies. We did the messiest, most wonderful cake in the book. We did the pig-in-mud cake. Want to see?

Non-parents out there should recognise this for the triumph that it is. We now have photographic evidence that we are good mothers.


  1. I found you through Catherine at The Picket Fence.

    This cake looks lovely but I have never heard of pig-in-mud cake. Is it like a devils cake decorated really cute?

  2. Hi Christi. It's all in the decoration. Little cupcake pigs with marshmallow heads sitting on a chocolate cake. It's from a women's weekly recipe book.

  3. The real test is whether after all that you let them eat it...