Saturday, July 18, 2009

still hating trivia nights...

...even when I ask the questions.

Really hard to find questions that appeal to everyone.

The nights always go on for much longer than you think they will.

Wouldn't we rather just sit around and talk?


  1. Not always - some of us loooove trivia nights. :-D All those things that one feels smug about knowing, thumps hand on forehead when told the answer to something one actually knows but has forgotten in the heat of battle, the debates with the judges as to whether an answer is allowed if it's merely misspelt / mispronounced...the drama, the excitement - better than any reality TV show!

  2. I'm with you, Simone. I hate trivia nights, and my husband loves them. One of the bad experiences of my engagement was playing trivial pursuit against my soon-to-be husband at my parent's house and being humiliated. My family didn't even have the grace to side with me, they LAUGHED! Can you believe? If you find yourself having to go to another one, invite me and we can chat while the others battle it out!