Friday, July 17, 2009


Our church is having a trivia night tomorrow. Andrew and I are doing the questions - which is good because I'm bad at trivia and hate losing. A frustrating combination. I usually spend my time at such events trying not to look like a sore loser. Hey everyone, it's only a game isn't it! [Grrrrr.]

Much better that I get to ask the questions.

But my questions are good. I know all the answers. Andrew wrote the questions for the history/geography, sport and current events sections. I wrote questions about TV and the bible. There's also a creative section, just to freak everyone out.

For those who are coming, I recommend you brush up on your American drama, crime shows, reality tv, star wars and disney princess knowledge. And, read your bible. If you have time, also learn to write, sing and draw.

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