Thursday, July 9, 2009

he's just not that into you

Andrew and I watched this last night.

Here's what we learnt:
  • most relationships start in bars
  • a girl will do just about anything to be in a relationship
  • a single girl will make out with a different guy each weekend
  • if a girl is into you, she will sleep with you. If she's not slept with you after a few weeks, it's not going to happen
  • no man wants to be married
  • all women want to be married
  • if a guy stops making out with you when another girl calls, he's not that into you
  • if a guy is into you, he will make it happen
  • if the guy doesn't make it happen, he's not into you
  • the bar man understands
  • I am the rule, not the exception
  • married guys are dicks
  • the best couples are those not married
  • adultery is exciting but in the end futile (best just get divorced)
  • divorce is a good option
  • a good marriage will only happen if you understand you don't need to be married


  1. You said a rude word. Sometimes I say rude words in my mind but not my post... kudos.

  2. That's because you might want to put yourself up for pres. ordination at some stage. Me? No. (I'm free! I'm free!)

  3. i know nathan, i saw the bad swear as well. i wasn't going to comment about it, but was just going to take her off my favourites list.

    it's fun talking about her like she's not here.