Monday, November 1, 2010

Venn Diagram Comp Prize Options!

Good things come to those who wait, and Ben has been waiting for a while. But I've now sorted through my house, and have a whole box of brand new (...well, they've never been used) prizes for him to chose from.  These items have been collected over the years and put into my present store but never used. See something you like? Make sure you enter my next competition!

Ben, you get to chose one of these fantastic items! Let us know your choice in the comment section and email me your address.

1. Micro Agent Listener - Ever wanted to eaves drop on a conversation? This listening device with extendable microphone allows you to hear around corners!
2. Book - What Women Really Need - Lesley Ramsey and other Australian women speak about Jesus.
3. 1L Clear Tupperware jug with blue lid
4. Tupperware dressing or milk thingy. Clear with black lid and flip top.
5. Tupperware measuring cups. Every household needs some of these.
6. Spy Motion Alarm - Guard against spies and catch intruders with this invisible beam sensor!
7. Silver plated compact mirror with pink flower pattern. (This kind of thing.) In gift box. Suitable for wife's handbag. (I gave these as teacher gifts last year and had this one left over. It's pretty.)

Want one of these prizes? Make sure you enter the next competition!


  1. I could really do with the measuring cups. Could you do a competition that I could win where they are the prizes?

  2. I can't see myself ever winning one of Simone's competitions but I quite like the Tupperware dressing/milk thingy. Totally agree on every household needing the measuring cups, I have had mine for years and years and still use them all the time. I already have the What Women Really Need book, in fact I think I may even have been given it during those few short months when we came to your church Simone??
    I can't wait to see what Ben chooses from this....

  3. Wow! Christmas in November!

    After much consideration, I think I'd like to request the book. Maybe I'll learn a thing or two.

    Thanks, Simone!