Monday, November 1, 2010

Die Kingston!

The monte-carlo is nothing compared to the orange slice.

But the monte-carlo is bearable if placed next to the delta cream or kingston. In a packet of Arnotts assorted, the shortbread cream will always win.

1. Shortbread cream
2. Orange slice
3. Monte Carlo
4. Delta Cream
5. Kingston

But this is obvious too.


  1. The Monte Carlo is by far the superior biscuit in the Arnott's Assorted arsenal. None of the others have spun-off an entirely new biscuit (ala the choc Monte).

    The Shortbread Cream and the Orange Delta are always the last biscuits left in the packet.

  2. If you reverse the order of the Monte Carlo and Orange slice on your list, then I would agree with you. Shortbread creams are always the first to be eaten in our house. Maybe you should set up a poll so we can vote for our favourites? (but I think you would need to be extremely bored to do that...)

  3. In a packet of Arnotts assorted, the shortbread cream will always win.

    If by "win", you mean "survive the longest." Then, yes, they will win.

    Time to face facts, the delta, shortbread and orange cream are just fillers for the two good biscuits there.

    In fact, why don't they just make a Kingston/Monte Carlo mix pack?

  4. Nathan the choc-monte spin off is evidence that the monte-carlo needed something else. If the SC and OC are left over at church mt it's because everyone is being kind and leaving them for someone else.

  5. Is the Delta Creme the chocolate one? It's been a while since I ate these since I can't anymore so I'm forgetting which is which. If my above hypothesis is correct then my vote would be:

    Kingston; Delta Creme; Monte Carlo; Shortbread Creme; Orange Slice.

  6. I am quite partial to them all except the Kingston. I never liked it as a child and though I've tired it since there is no love there.

  7. What? Kingston at number five? Are you deluded?

    Surely the chocolatey goodness combined with the anzac like shell puts this little baby at number one. They're always the first to go - I've even seen a bit of pushing and shoving (albeit subtly in a church context) for the humble Kingston. Ever thought this might be why it's called the KINGston?

    A much better attempt at controversy than your previous post.

  8. This is the wrongest statement that I've ever read on the whole internet.
    The only way it could be wronger is if you'd mentioned those Lemon Creme biscuits that had salt on the outside of them.

    Next you'll be saying that Crunchie Bars are better than Violet Crumbles.

  9. I need a guide to know which is which. Arnotts assorted biscuits are public service biscuits, you might have them in your office but you shouldn't allow them in your home. Then I'm spoilt by having a daughter who makes the best bikkies ever.

  10. I like that - public service biscuits! We have some in our home today - left over from a 'public service' event last night! Kingston are the little yucky ones with chocolate icing in the middle, Monte Carlo are big and have red and white icing. Orange creams have orange in middle, Delta creams are the chocolate ones and Shortbread creams are rectangular.

    Gary - Best we never ever mention the Lemon Creme. A confused biscuit.

  11. Simon and Gary, if by Lemon Creme you mean Lemon Crisp, you speak of my favourite biscuit. I am yet to meet another devotee, other than my father, whom I'm sure passed on the taste for these delights.

  12. Sorry for the error about the name of the biscuit which is best never mentioned.
    My wife is a fan, Sarah, and yes, I think there is a genetic predisposition involved.

  13. It is an important topic, Simone. Someone needed to blog on it and I'm glad you have.

  14. The lemon creme biscuit is the king of biscuits.
    The very best of its kind.

  15. No, I disagree (it's an effort for me to be controversial, but I can be pushed) - I think the chocolate filling of a Kingston is a step up on "icing" - there is something close to real chocolatey goodness happening there.

    Sarah, I LOVE Lemon Crisps! One of us needs to bring some to the next crafty evening.

  16. The delta cream and orange slice are both way behind. Looks like I'll have to vote from my work computer tomorrow as well. And maybe the public library...

  17. I also like the Lemon Crisps. We bought some on our recent holiday and thanks to the wet weather I ate most of the packet. Definitely a confused biscuit but in an interesting and endearing way, I think. I haven't come across any other biscuit (shop or home-made) like it so it stands out from the crowd.

  18. Lemon crisps are delicious. But on your list, Simone, Kingston and Monte carlo tie for first, then shortbread cream, delta and orange cream last.

  19. hmmm!
    1. Orange Slice (tangy yum!)
    2. Delta Cream (who can resist biscuit part being chocolate flavoured)
    3. Monte Carlo (takes itself too seriously)
    4. Shortbread Cream (too upper class)
    5. Kingston (too sugary)

    there must be a Myers Briggs/ Arnotts personality test out there somewhere.

  20. Huh? Obviously I'm going to have to introduce you to some Japanese biscuits.

  21. Are you people all on drugs? Clearly the Cream of Delta is the only thing here worthy of my time, while the rest are mere landfill. In time you'll see that I am right.

  22. Clearly the Cream of Delta is the only thing here worthy of my time, while the rest are mere landfill.

    I present exhibit A for the case that it is indeed possible for people's opinions to be incorrect.

    No further evidence, your honour.

  23. Delta Cream: Oreo wannabe.

  24. The results of this poll so far are the best evidence I've seen in a long time of the shortcomings of democracy.

  25. A D.I.Y. Monte Carlo recipe:

    1. Get two old, stale slabs of crumbly shortbread.

    2. Apply some spac-filler to one side of each slab.

    3. Join two halves, and leave to bake in searing dessert winds for several weaks.

    4. Eat, and 'enjoy'.

  26. A D.I.Y Delta Creme recipe:

    1. Go to Heaven

    2. Ask for some bickies

    3. Eat and ENJOY your Delta Cremes.

  27. Proving beyond doubt that God DOES have a sense of humour.

  28. On further reflection my previous post wasn't decisive enough. Looking at the poll results made me realise where my true loyalties lie.
    1. Delta creams (yum)
    2. Orange Slice (yum)
    3. Shortbread Cream
    4. Monte Carlo (They have their place)
    5. Kingston (I'd have to be really hungry to eat another)

  29. So, the poll hey. Democracy never lies. The people have spoken.

  30. Yes, but one of them was away on holiday all week, and missed his chance to vote...

    I hereby present my casting vote, and declare the winner to be the Kingston.

    And, by the way, I'm sure I remember them trying a chocolate coated version - but you can't improve upon the Kingston, so it stopped.

  31. Just back from grocery shopping, and would you believe it, Arnotts had all their bikkies on special.

    So, we can bring some science into it.

    Firstly, I'll observe that Kingstons were harder to find than the other sorts on the display - I suspect there were two or three packets of Montes languishing for every Kingston packet not yet snapped up.

    But the clincher, for me, is that Kingston is the only one sold in a 200g packet - the rest are 250g. By Arnotts' own admission, then, they are simply more valuable biscuits, kilo for kilo.