Monday, November 29, 2010

Bold and Beautiful

Nathan pointed this out.

I have a soft spot for the bold. When I was at uni, I watched it once a week. On Saturdays I worked in a bakery and the girls I worked with would spend 2 hours telling me blow by blow what happened in the other 4 episodes. This went on for years. I experienced many of Ridge's weddings and at least 2 of Taylor's deaths. I admit to supporting Brooke over Taylor. Probably because I'm a second child. These days I watch an episode each year or two. Good to see that the kids have all grown up and are now a part of the incestuous mix.

Anyone else have an interest?


  1. I'm interested in knowing how it took two hours each Saturday. Did they include the dramatic pauses at full scale?

  2. I feel much better now that I'm up to date. I especially liked how the narrator managed to keep going without any hint of incredulity or exasperation creeping into his voice. I look forward to not having to watch now for another five or so years and being updated at that point.

  3. We were working at the same time. Many interruptions. But my bakery friends didn't leave much out. And we had to discuss it.

  4. Oh yes. I am also a watcher from way back in Uni days. It used to be on at lunchtimes so it was a good break from studying.
    I probably see more of it now than I did back then (embarrassing as it is to admit). I watched the one where she rode the horse into Ridge and Taylor's wedding....comedy gold.

  5. I admit that I'd watch it if I could...