Saturday, November 20, 2010

I love our new house

We've been here for 2 weeks now and I'm a fan. Here's why.

1. It's lovely. Two bay windows. Beautiful cornices. High ceilings. Fresh paint.
2. It's big. Today we had 20ish people over and it didn't feel crowded. Half on deck, half in dining room (dining room opens onto the deck). I think we could have easily fit another 30. The two big lounge rooms were empty. The other day we had 3 extra boys over. It was raining. They ran around inside and I hardly noticed.
3. It's not too big. It's basically single level so I don't feel like the kids are too far away from me. (I don't like houses where you feel like you're all alone.) Andrew has an office and bathroom downstairs so he can work undisturbed. 
4. It's only 5 steps down to the back yard. You can see the yard from the kitchen, deck and dining room.
5. It's across the road from school and a 5 minute walk to church.



dining room
family room
lounge room

window in our room



  1. Hey - where are you hiding the boxes you haven't unpacked yet???! You must be cheating somehow...

  2. Boxes? They were finished on moving day!

  3. Wow, a music "room" with a bay window. Very nice. I want to live in an old Queenslander one's either that or a lighthouse keeper's cottage.

  4. I love bay windows. I especially like the ones that have storage under the seat.

    We house-sat for a friend whose house has a bay window. If I could afford it, I'd offer to buy her house despite the fact that the room with the bay window is one of the coldest in the house during winter (south side) when we were house-sitting.

  5. I'm envious of that deck Simone - it looks relaxing

  6. Will it be cold in winter? Queenslanders look very romantic, but having grown up in one, I lack the desire to ever live in one again.

  7. We lived in an old Queenslander in Toowoomba (a rented one). I loved it. But being Toowoomba, gas heating was included. Sadly a garage wasn't, which led to many mornings scraping ice off the windscreen...

  8. I've lived in wooden houses for the last 8 years. Don't suppose this one will be any colder.

    Even if it was, I'd put up with a lot for the romance.