Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ten disadvantages of fossil fuels

[Taken from Nathan's homework.]

1. They run out (eventually)
2. They create CO2
3. They make interest rates rise (in Oz)
4. They make people not vote for the ALP because of the mining tax
5. Costs a lot to transport
6. Makes pollution when burnt
7. Oil spills
8. Mining coal is dangerous. Many die.
9. Coal mining makes acid go into the waterways.
10. Coal mining makes methane go into the air.


  1. Well then! I'm convinced. Looks like we'd better hope point no. 1 happens sooner rather than later!

  2. The up-side, and the reason they won't be replaced any time soon, is that fossil fuels (especially oil) have the best energy density around. Uranium has better energy density, but using it is more complicated unless you want to be an international pariah.

    And point 4 isn't necessarily a disadvantage.