Friday, November 12, 2010

I have a new dress

It's making me happy. Not joyful, of course. (Joy can't be bought for $9.95.) Just happy. But happy is good.

It's green and has sparkly butterflies. Who wouldn't want a dress like this?


  1. Ooh! I also bought a dress for $9.95 recently (yesterday, actually - I had a disappointing experience in an exam in the morning and needed something to console me).

    It's not sparkly and it doesn't have butterflies but it is still very nice.

    It's a little like this, except less fancy:

    My problem is I could buy dresses all day (well, if finances allowed) but in so far as I need to walk through mud and sleet to get to university, I never have much opportunity to wear them.

  2. Nice - was this an op shop bargain or can I get one new in blue? (Hahaha - the top would probably not suit me.)

  3. Anika - I like it

    Laetitia - new. It might come in blue.

  4. Very nice. I'd be happy to find a dress for $9.95.
    I like some arm coverage though.
    Are you going to wear it at choir performances?

  5. I'll wear it with jeans underneath to our performance in the park today. Probably not parliment house!