Sunday, November 7, 2010

things I hate about moving house

1. The disgusting state of the house you move out of - under the fridge, under the bookshelves. Yuck. Did I actually live in this filth?
2. The last 15 boxes that are filled with random things. Awful to unpack.
3. The dust that gets in my eyes and nose.
4. The sad look on the dog's face. Can we go home now?
5. The two days with no internet. (Thankful for careless neighbours with an unsecured network.)

I still have to unpack 2 boxes of cds and one box of books and take the pictures off the walls at the other house and put them up here. The other house has a clean kitchen and bathroom but everything else is in a pretty sad state.


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  2. I do trust you're kidding about five!

  3. If you got that far in one moving day, that's a triumph!

  4. A mere 2 days without internet? I'm assuming you've made friends with the careless neighbours.