Wednesday, November 3, 2010

3 exciting things

1. My choir has been asked to sing at Qld Parliment house later this month. How cool is that? No other schools. Just us. We'll sing some of our usual repertoire and have been asked to also sing a christmas carol. Which should we do?

2. I started rehearsals today for pp and my first musical Don't Close Your Eyes. It's a little nativity thing. 5 songs plus narration. The kids loved the songs. Someone said 'It sounds like Pocahontas!" Um. Yes.

3. We get the keys for our new house tomorrow.


  1. So so exciting! I'm most excited about no. 2 - it sounds fantastic! Where are you performing it? I'm beginning primary teaching next year and would be really interested in it, will you be publishing it?

  2. We're performing it at the RE (Scripture) christmas assembly. I'm also inviting the kids to come to our church carols to perform it. The plan is to publish it. I'll blog on how it goes.

  3. Just using the comments as a means of communication.

    Seen this:

    It expires in a couple of days.

  4. I watched it over breakfast. Ta.

  5. Sending you lots of virtual frozen meals and virtual house-cleaning help for the move.

  6. I think the singing at Parliament House sounds pretty cool. Do you sing for the politicians or what? I'd be thinking something upbeat and well known for the carol (Joy to the World or something) or you could do something with good harmonies (O Come O Come Emmanuel maybe). But no choir leading experience to speak of here, just what I'd like to hear myself.

  7. I was going to vote for O Come O Come Emmanuel - because it qualifies as a carol, just, but because it's so unexpected a note to sound at Christmas. But I guess it depends on whether you get to introduce the song briefly...

    But congrats - all three are exciting!