Thursday, November 25, 2010

musical narration still not written

Strangely unstressed about it.

4 days out from performance.

Maybe I'll just make it up at the dress rehearsal...


  1. You amaze me! Maybe real life can be like uni after all - no stress leading up to the due date of an assignment, then it's all written the night before (possibly an allnighter) and (hopefully) everyone will pass the subject!

  2. I think it's called denial.

    I do have some of it written.

  3. Well if you are the one who is doing the narration, then you could probably ad lib around the key points couldn't you? Or do you have to give it to someone else to read/learn?
    I would be freaking out at this point...but then I never could do the allnighter thing. Everything had to be organised well before the night before.

  4. I'm not reading the narration kids are. But I wrote it today and have even delivered it to the kids!

    No freaking out needed!