Monday, November 8, 2010

Jetstar travel story

We got this email from Jetstar today.

At Jetstar we're proud to be helping millions of Australians travel with our famous low fares. But we know low fares are just part of the story. 
Submit your best Jetstar travel story and top travel tip and you could win a Jetstar voucher for return flights to anywhere on the Jetstar network for you and a friend!
There will be a competition winner every day! 
Check out the site now!
I'm thinking of entering. I have several Jetstar travel stories to share. My favourites are the one where Jetstar cancelled my flight out of Sydney which mucked around my mum who was looking after the kids and cost me $200 in mobile phone calls while I was on hold trying to get on another Jetstar flight and the one where our family and another family were trying to get to Melbourne for our sister's wedding and the flight was cancelled and we had to fly with 4 kids at 10pm then drive for 3 hours through country Victoria on the black Saturday weekend.

Seriously, isn't this a high risk kind of publicity? This is an invitation for us to recall all our bad experiences.


  1. wow - they're well and truly asking for it. i've certainly got a story or two i'd happily publicise about the quality of their services

  2. It's my guess that you won't be a competition winner!

  3. You think Jetstar is bad, try flying Ryanair in Europe! - Cheap -yes, huge range of routes - yes, comfort - no! Its Europe's flying bus, pile in and worry that safety regulations are being stretched a bit!!