Saturday, November 13, 2010

interpret my dream

I had this dream three times last night. Woke up between each.

I need to get to the airport and am hopelessly late - the plane leaves in 20minutes. First time, I'm screaming at Andrew to take me but he's doing other stuff. Second time Andrew can't take me because we have an extra kid with us so won't all fit in the car. Third time, Andrew's out and won't answer his phone. All three times I realise that there's no way I could make the plane. I haven't even packed or checked in yet.

I'm not flying anywhere any time soon. So what does my dream mean? Underneath my cool, calm, easy going exterior could there be an anxious, stressed little bunny? My choir is performing this afternoon. And next week. And in 17 days we are doing my musical (which isn't fully written yet). And I haven't been able to send letters home about it and communicate with parents (except with the one parent who is v.v.v.sad that her girl didn't get the leading part) I have one week to finish assessing my kids and write 420 more reports. And I have 2 sunday school units to write. And a gingerbread event to speak at and...

But I'm not actually feeling stressed. Life is good and exciting. It's just that my resting heart rate is faster than normal.


  1. Well, hopefully it doesn't mean that you are going to miss any of the many deadlines you have coming up.
    Enjoy the adrenaline surge.
    What Christmas carol did you decide on for the Parliament House event?

  2. I think Silent Night. But I haven't started rehearsing it yet. Argh!

  3. Sublimated stress. That's what dreams are for. Those kind of dreams any way.

  4. Speaking of dreams, Simone, I was cleaning out stuff recently and came across a letter you sent me in 1995 when I was in Scotland. The first page recounts another dream you had, which made me laugh out loud. It's nice to have a blast from the past of your life -- do you want me to send it to you?

    Or should I sell its contents...

  5. I remember that letter! And the dream.

  6. Don't send it. Far too embarrassing!

  7. Come on. You'd love it.

    What made me laugh was your red writing across the front: DON'T READ THIS IF YOU'RE FEELING HOMESICK!
    So funny.

    So far it hasn't come true :)

  8. Thank you so much for this post - I was feeling stressed and sorry for myself this afternoon - I'm in charge of our school 'musical'- which is on the first of December - we had our first complete 'run through' today - Some of my actors freaked out with having an 'audience'(other kids and teachers) and forgot lines or how they were supposed to act their part. Each year level is singing a song and the first time through they sang in whispers, which meant I had to dance around and wave my arms and shout, "That was great, but this time LOUDER," while their teachers sat and watched in silence. The principal marched in on the performance at one point and hauled some non-singing year six boys out from the back row and made them stand at the front and sing for everybody - I almost ruined my career with the fury I felt when that happened. It was a really hot day and we were rehearsing in the undercover area. I finished the day in a state of exhaustion. However, I was greatly encouraged by reading your post - at least my musical is actually written. I've completely finished eight of my ten classes of reports. And I've already prepared my RE lesson for Friday - I don't need to be stressed out at all!

  9. Narelle, you are really on top of things! [Do we do all of the same things?] Today before school I have to teach a duet to Mary and Angel. I don't have a score for it yet. If it doesn't arrive in the next 3 hours I'm not quite sure what will happen. Tomorrow school camp begins for half my musical kids and I won't see them till Monday - 8 days before performance! We're not even close to having a complete run through... but I don't think that matters too much because it's really just 5 songs with a narration .glueing them together. Wish that narration was written. I have been putting off choosing the narrator till I have something to try them with. I now have 40 wannabe narrators to audition...

    And I still have kids to assess and 9 classes of reports to write..

    And bible study and RE today. I have the fun bit of my RE lesson organised but not the actual lesson...

    Hope you have a good week.

  10. Cath - Letters should self destruct after they are read.

  11. Next time I see it, I'll destroy then. Don't know why I still have it anyway - I'm not really a hoarder usually.

    You have SO much going on Simone, it's all creative stuff (even the reports!) and zingy and fun. It makes me look forward to life beyond toddlerdom!

  12. Simone, I feel like you are the new and improved version of me - you can do more things, your batteries last longer, and you are less inclined to break down! I hope that YOU have a good week!