Wednesday, December 29, 2010

which natural disaster will it be for the 2011 richardson family getaway?

At the last major get-together we had serious bushfires. Prior to that it was a cyclone.

Next week we head to Christmas Creek. There's been quite a bit of rain. Will we have a flood or a landslide?


  1. Plague of mozzies. Take the roll-on...

  2. I might need to source a rid pump pack.

  3. You didn't mention the spinal injury...

  4. Rid won't be any good, for these are a plague of vampire mosquitos! Yes, these mosquitos suck the blood of human beings to sustain themselves!

    Wait a minute, no, that's not going to work.


    I know.

    Giant mosquitos! Think Doctor Who, The Unicorn and The Wasp:

    "What do you mean a giant mosquito?"

    "I mean a mosquito that's giant!"

    The Richardson's could meet Agatha Christie, and discover who killed Professor Peach in the library with the lead piping. And if you have to have a natural disaster on your hols, those would be fun silver linings to have along the way.

  5. Going any place with the word 'creek' in its name sounds a bit daring up there at the moment.

  6. I thought of the back thing too. But you mean larger family get togethers, don't you?

  7. and PS - H has started stuttering.

  8. Helen - ! Smooth, Hamish, smooth! +Wendy. Yes. I meant larger family. But we're all remembering the back.

    Gary - yes. daring is what we do.

    Mark - I'll be taking Angel. Season 3 is tracking well.

  9. My vote is for a landslide. Enjoy yourselves...but what are you going to do there if it's raining/landsliding? Won't all the bushwalking trails be closed?
    Or does this holiday have more of a socialising function?

  10. This comment's for Helen re the PS...I saw on the news the other night that Speech Path Australia are doing a publicity run on stuttering to coincide with The Kings Speech movie. Excellent idea!