Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Catapult party

We're having Micah's 7th birthday party tomorrow. Small. We're firing catapults with a few friends. Ammunition at this stage looks like being jaffas, marshmallows and cheezels. We're going for both distance and direction. Then we'll be playing 'bomb the brothers' and firing all sorts of yucky stuff at the big boys (who will be hiding behind card-board box barricades).

Micah doesn't like cake so I don't make him one. If I remember, I'll stick some candles on the pizza I bought from coles.


  1. He must be the first small child I've ever heard of who doesn't like cake...apart from my friend who said that as a small child of about 3 she was left unattended at a wedding for long enough to find the cake and eat all the marzipan icing off it! :-0 but leave the cake itself.

    That story makes me wonder whether M would go more for a heavy, less sweet than sponge, fruitcake. The pizza suggests that he likes savoury.

  2. Happy Birthday, Micah.

    I am pro a candled pizza. Don't be shackled by tradition.

    I'd like to see you try carefully inserting a jaffa into a marshmallow, by first making a small incision. I think you could achieve some good results with this, gaining a lot of distance, and a good thud, but leaving less of a bruise due to the mallow padding.

    To be honest, I'll be a bit sad if you don't at least give it a try.

  3. A third son must be different in some way. He is a savoury kid and delights in not wanting food that others like. Each to there own. I've make white choc biscuits.

    I'll try the jaffa marshmallow. Kids are practicing with a single jelly bean right now.

  4. Couldn't everybody else eat the cake even if he doesn't like it??

    Sounds like a cool fun party suggestion though. Could I perhaps steal your idea for future use/reference please? The game our kids most like at parties is throwing water bomb balloons at each other so I think they would go for it.

  5. It's very Marie Antoinette in here.

    Stick to your guns (or catapults) Simone.

  6. That is awesome. I will be showing my boys when they get home from school.

  7. On reflection....if he doesn't like cake, then don't do cake. Probably more creativity involved in finding something to substitute for cake anyway.

    Maybe it is a third child thing. Our third child (not a son) is fast becoming our most difficult child to feed (I'm trying to avoid using the "fussy" word). She has a definite sweet tooth, but is less interested in more nutritious options. Or maybe it is just me. After three kids, I'm less interested in pushing the issue if she knocks something back a few times. Variety is low, but she seems happy and nutritionally I think it's all ok.

  8. We have friends who've just come back after 10 years in Thailand as missionaries. Their kids don't like cake. For her eldest's birthday recently so she made a giant choc-chip cookie. Being creative is good. Don't lose sight of the child who you are celebrating!

  9. With Micah, two things come together beautifully: His not liking to eat cake, and my not liking to make cake. No cake.

    We sang HB and blew out the pizza candles. It was break up day at school so everyone was already caked out.