Friday, December 24, 2010

top 5 gifts to give ME when you have no idea what to give

1. Blank book.  I like pretty. Not too small.
2. Nice pen or lead pencils.
3. itunes money or music shop voucher (instrument shop that is, not cd shop)
4. Good socks to run in
5. Anything with an apple symbol on it.


  1. 5.1 Almost anything with vampires in it.
    5.2 Nothing with the word 'joy' in the title.
    5.3 No biographies of Octavius Caesar.

  2. Hope some of those things come your way this year, Simone! Merry Christmas!

  3. What, you don't like Surprised by Joy, Mark? Humbug!

    Simone - I had no idea you were such a Beatles fan...

  4. Well, they were more a list for Simone, not me, based on her blog from this year.

    I think if West Wing relaunched with a vampire theme it might be perfect for Simone in her post-Angel situation. Jethro Bartlet, in a desperate effort to stave off the progress of MS becomes a vampire, and then wins an unprecedented third term of office, years after his presidency ended. Now he finds himself torn between the compassionate, economic genius he was, and soulless bloodsucking fiend he has become (he naturally changes to the Republican party upon becoming a vampire). Torn between his Democratic past and his Republican present, Bartlet forges a 'third way' for American politics and becomes a 'compassionate conservative' - he still drains the blood of innocents, but he cares about the fact he does it.

    Oh, and he fights bad guys at night in a long black coat.

  5. Oh, and Jennie just read your comment and then this and compared you and me, Anthony, to 'the two old guys in The Muppet Show who comment on everything going on'. I think she means Statler and Waldorf, not sure which one each of us is meant to be.

  6. I think you are all very funny.

    I could go a beatles cd. Maybe it's the apple brand. A winner.

    Mark, quit your doctorate and become a script writer instead.

  7. Or combine them, and become a script doctor!

    I'm not sure about Jennie's comparison to the curmudgeons. Your humour is too whimsical, mine's too punny. But Jude and I got a very good laugh out of the idea nevertheless.

  8. Mark, that is pure gold. Even though I am a vampire skeptic I think I could watch that show...
    And speaking of gold, I love the Muppets and have been posting some of their stuff on my blog so that my kids can share the j...(oops, nearly used that word Simone doesn't like). There is enough Muppets on YouTube to keep me going for a long time I think...

  9. I've been enjoying your muppets karen! happy christmas.

  10. Same to you Simone! Time for me to get to bed before Santa comes...nearly 11.30 here...

  11. I still need to vaccume. Been putting it off for 2 hours now.