Thursday, December 16, 2010

burn the land and boil the sea.

Finished rewatching Firefly. What next?


  1. Including Serenity?

    Have you ever watched 'People Like Us'?

  2. I'll pull serenity out this weekend.

    No I've not watched people like us. Should I?

  3. Currency varies.
    It was something of a thematic precursor to The Office. (and was canceled to make way for The Office.)
    The never seen Roy Mallard haplessly conducts documentaries about people in everyday occupations.
    Well crafted wordplay.
    My favorite episodes are The Vicar and The Mother.

  4., you don't have to keep cringing at Ricky Gervais each episode. Instead, you get someone new each time.

  5. Modern Family? We have series one. Spooks? We have series 1-8. Happy to lend them to you...

  6. I watched Serenity (again) last night. And again this morning. The firefly thing is now done.

    I watched spooks the other night with Andrew. No one is indispensable. Not really my thing. I need a main character who stays alive (or at lead undead.) Does Modern Family have vampires?