Friday, December 17, 2010

stuff god likes

An RE idea for second half of term one.

Stuff God Likes
1. Justice (?)
2. Mercy (Mt 18 - parable of unmerciful servant)
3. Grace/generosity (Mt 20 - parable of workers in the vineyard)
4. Faith (Mt 8 - faith of centurian)
5-6. The Cross

Weeks 1-4 could each be represented by a big jigsaw puzzle piece. We put all the pieces together then turn over the puzzle to reveal the cross. Talk about how justice, mercy, grace and faith all meet at the cross.

What do you think?


  1. Brilliant. (After your previous post there really isn't anything else I could have said....)

  2. ...You're amazingly organised?

    Or procrastinating on nearer things ;-)

    I like the idea.

    If you want suggestions - the first addition that comes to mind is 'obedience': yes, I'm heading in a more christocentric direction. 'Honour' in the right place, 'perseverence' (sticking to the plan), 'keeping promises', ...

    I reckon you could make a whole term of it, if you wanted.

  3. Karen - what can I say. I'm humbled...

    Anthony - yes. procrastinating on nearer things.

    I find that 5-6 week units work better than than 8-10 week units. Easier to keep focus. I like obedience though. Was planning on talking about Jesus' obedience in the faith week.

  4. I understand her perfectly. She's an ideas woman, getting down to the details is going to be harder, I'm predicting.

  5. I like the idea of people. I might put that in first.

    Wendy - The beauty of RE is that it requires very little more than an idea. I'll just make my big jigsaw graphic and that's it done. Sit down for 5 minutes before each lesson and work out how I'll tell each story. Easy Peezy.