Wednesday, December 15, 2010


After doing a little less for the last few months, I'm back into it. Each week I'm aiming for:

- 3x 5km runs
- 2x weights classes
- 3x 1.5-2km swims

The swimming is easy. The kids swim too. It doesn't take much out of me. The running is painful and slow. It only takes 40ish minutes but wrecks me for hours afterwards. Pump classes are fun but more of a hassle to organise around the kids. I've upped my weights a little. In itself, this release isn't too hard but with heavier weights it's a killer. I'm currently lifting 32.5kg for squats, 20kg chest, 20kg back, 5kg biceps, 25kg lunges, 10kg shoulders.

I love summer. Feel like life doesn't get much better than this.


  1. I love swimming. I'm not much good but it is very relaxing. I would struggle to keep up with you though!!
    I don't know about the running. Why bother if it's wrecking you that much? And didn't you have a foot or ankle injury or something a while ago? Would running be aggravating it more?

  2. I. Want. To. Run.

    I'm better. Foot injury has gone away. And it will stay away. Forever.

    It's only wrecking me in that it makes me feel absolutely stuffed and that's a fitness thing. I was talking to the PE teachers at school and they have given me some hints on a training schedule. Slow is good. Need to jog 3x per week to see improvement. Increase distance by no more than 10% per week. Keep heart rate under control even if it means walking some. Injuries will happen if you push above where your heart rate should be or increase your distance too fast.

    We'll see.

  3. OK, that sounds sensible. Keep up the good work, then! How do you find time to do it all though? I'm struggling to even make it to the pool for a swim at the moment...

  4. I'm not doing christmas shopping till next week.

  5. Izaac and I did our first run this afternoon on our way to building to 5km. It was manageable, but I'm already feeling stiff.

    Your regime sounds intense, but inspires me to keep running!

  6. I'm envious of your motivation and organisation for exercise. I'm going to struggle to fit in exercise over the next couple of months. I've suspended my gym membership for the school holidays, because of childcare issues (ie. what to do with a school kid while I'm at the gym). I'm intending to do some running, some weights and possibly some pilates while I'm not going to the gym, but this requires more motivation and planning on my part (as it isn't built into a normal routine like the gym is). We also have family staying with us, which has it's pros and cons to finding/making time to exercise.

  7. Impressive weights Simone - I love pump but am not even close to those weights.

  8. Jenny - I'm much bigger than you! I should be able to lift more! But I'm convinced that most women can lift more than they think they can. Particularly on the leg tracks.

    Have you seen Islander women do pump? I think it would almost be worth putting on an extra 20+kg if it meant muscles like they have!