Friday, December 24, 2010

story by nathan

Santa ran down the road calling for help. He was calling for help because he was being chased by The ANTI~SANTA TEAM ™ . But then he saw his evil brother Satan who was holding a big sandwich. He said, “Mum & Dad wanted you to have this.” But little did Santa know that it was actually made by Satan. The sandwich was full of cannabis.

Satan offering his brother Santa a cannabis sandwich
Santa ate the sandwich and had a sudden jolt of energy and he rushed at Rudolf. Rudolf noticed that Santa had a pistol. Rudolf dived down. BING!!! BANG!!!!! BOOM!! Then Rudolf suddenly noticed that The ANTI~SANTA TEAM ™  had come. The ANTI~SANTA TEAM ™ was made by Satan when Santa started giving out presents and breeding reindeer. The members of  The ANTI~SANTA TEAM ™ were Satan, Rudolf, Stinker, Fatty and boomer. Santa saw he couldn't win so went and hopped on his loyal reindeer Hopper and took out his iPhone 4 and called his elves. In about 4 minutes the elves arrived. The ANTI~SANTA TEAM ™ saw that they couldn't win but when Rudolf was about to order the retreat Santa fell over. He wasn't shot but had had too much cannabis. When the elves saw this they ran as fast as they could back to the ELF HQ ™.

At ELF HQ ™ the elves planned their attack. The elves stepped out. They realised that The ANTI~SANTA TEAM ™ was near. The Major General stepped out and took out a bazooka!! Suddenly the air was full of bullets. Boomer was cutting down elves with machine gun fire. The Major General was hit in the leg and was taken away and treated in hospital. The Lieutenant General wasn't so lucky. He was shot in the head and all his brains fell out. Then he was shot in the belly and all his guts fell out.

Stinker dived for the Major General’s bazooka. “He got a bazooka!!” cried a random elf. A bullet whizzed past Stinker and hit Fatty!! Fatty was not dead but dying. His blood started to make a river. The river of blood swept the elves back to ELF HQ ™.

river of blood

Stinker fired his bazooka at the elves as they were swept away. Then Santa stepped out of ELF HQ ™. The elves got out of the river of blood and started shooting The ANTI~SANTA TEAM ™. Rudolf ordered the retreat. When Rudolf was running Santa jumped on him. Rudolf got out a knife and stabbed Santa and all Santa's guts fell out. When the elves saw this they fled to the elf council in the South Pole.


Pictures by Joel. More here.


  1. Sounds like a cross from The Night The Reindeer Died starring Lee Majors (from the movie Scrooged) and the song The Night Santa Went Crazy by Weird Al, along with some original action movie craziness thrown in.

    I think I can comfortably continue my doctorate, knowing that such virtuoso script writing talents are being nurtured in the Richardson household.


  2. Great story. He'll be the next Andy Griffiths.

  3. The pictures are awesome too!!

  4. A little morbid? :-S