Monday, December 13, 2010

the five love languages for

You know the books. There are many of them: the five love languages, the five love languages for couples, the five love languages of children, the five love languages for adolescents, the five love languages of apology... Gary Chapman has done great work with this series and it's all immensely helpful. But I think he's left one out. The next book that Gary needs to write is...

The Five Love Languages of Pets: How to express heartfelt affection for and commitment to your pet.

I often see my dog sitting outside my door looking so sad. Her love tank is empty. But how do I fill it?

I think you'll agree that this book needs to be written.

My research so far suggests that dogs speak the same five languages of love as do their human owners.

1. Words of affirmation ('Good dog!')
2. Quality time (Come and sit over here!)
3. Receiving gifts (Mummy's got something for you! She's got you a big bone, yes she has!)
4. Acts of service (Walkies? Dinner?)
5. Physical touch (You want a pat. Yes you do!)

I'm still trying to work out my dog's primary love language. How about your precious pooch? Do any of the five stand out? Gold fish owners - what do you think? How does your pet best receive love?

(Andrew has just accused me of big time anthropomorphising. Oh well.)


  1. 4. You should have seen her break the land speed record to get next door and play with Albie this morning. All I had to do was open the gate and say his name...

    Also, this theory is confirmed by the way Quack selflessly keeps digging large holes in the backyard for us to sleep in, just in case we ever lock ourselves out of the house. And whenever any of them somehow fills with dirt, she redigs it, just to be sure we'll be ok.

    Yeah, I should be asleep too.

  2. I am not sure that cats actually love.

  3. I think my dog's love tank has a leak.

  4. I dunno - I think that dog is saying that it's pat tank is full and can it go now? Please? :-)

    Michael - you've never had the right cat evidently. I think my cat liked 2 & 5 - she would cross wet grass although it pained her (shake each paw in turn while walking over) in order to be near me. :-)

  5. This blog has gone to the dogs.

  6. My experience with cats has taught me that the cat has two main goals in life: 1. To be sitting up at your dinner table eating expensive food off your best china plate. 2. Sleeping in your warm bed every night - under the covers.

    The whole of a cat's life is dedicated to achieving these goals. As for the five love languages - the cat wants it all and won't ever be truly happy until he/she has it.

  7. Yes, Mark, this post is definitely barking up the wrong tree...

  8. Come on, you're being a bit ruff there...