Wednesday, December 22, 2010

top 5 songs I'd like my choir to sing in 2011

1. I'll stand by you (Pretenders)

2. Shackleton (Paul Jarman)

3. Something I write. Maybe with a planetary theme.

4. La-ti-do-re

5. Abide with me


  1. Nice choices! I like them all. Hadn't heard of the Shackleton one, we do Antarctica in year 5/6 in NSW so it'd work really well! I've done Nigel Westlake's Antarctica suite before with 5/6 and they really enjoyed it. Guess this would be somewhat similar!

  2. Dona Nobis Pacem is also lovely (in the style of la-te-doh-re). Three part round and as many ostinati parts as your choir can handle.

  3. What? No Hallelujah?

    Get with the times. Everybody's doing it. What's a choir without a bit of Leonard Cohen.