Saturday, December 11, 2010

I just got an email from Nathan (age 10)

My Christmas wish list
Electronic devices
Macbook/Dell laptop
Computer Games
Lego Star Wars the complete Saga Wii
Super Mario galaxy Wii
Super Mario galaxy2 Wii
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Wii
Harry Potter
Star Wars
The 39 clues book 5,8,9,10
Harry Potter Series
Mr. Beans Holiday
The ultimate disaster movie (Mr. Bean)
New essential elements 2000
Star Wars Music Book


  1. At least he identifies it as a wish list.

  2. Could have been worse - it could have come from the other Nathan!

  3. Hilarious! Is the list in order of most important to least important? Are you supposed to choose one thing from each category? smart idea to send it via email. My 12 year old published her (very long) list on a piece of paper attached to the fridge. It listed things such as a digital camera, ipad, itunes card etc. It has disappeared since then and I keep teasing her by saying that the only thing I remember from the list was lip gloss.

  4. Yes, very funny! I love how he has categorised everything for your easy reference...
    Just as a slight spin-off, how is the Wii going? Do you guys use it often even after a year of owning one? I am in my usual pre-Christmas contemplation of whether we should get some sort of electronic gaming thing as a "family" Christmas gift. I have strong resistance from Chris here so it probably won't end up happening for another year....but just curious, as I have heard some people say theirs doesn't get used much after the initial hype dies down.

  5. Don't get a wii. Our kids would mostly rather be on the computer.

  6. Hmm....good info, thanks heaps for that. Our kids quite like games they can play on the computer too so I will put the gaming thing idea (back!) on the back-burner. By the sounds of it, we might even be able to put it off indefinitely. Might get an add on for Carcasonne for the family gift instead...