Wednesday, December 22, 2010


with Christmas blogdom.


  1. I'm bored with trying to write two Christmas sermons simultaneously. Either of them would be brilliant if I could focus on them, but instead I need to half-write each, so as to pick songs, and I'm going to be left with a whole lot of mopping up at the end. Blurgh.

    However, if I really want to procrasinate, I did deviate from the path of righteousness into JB HiFi for a copy of Firefly, so I could just watch one episode...

    No, I mustn't! Must focus...focus...carefully...ficusfully...firefly...

  2. Must be top ten lists time... coming soon to a St. Eutychus near you.

  3. Ha! The first ep of firefly is a bit boring. If you really want to get hooked, jump in at the train job. But you don't want to get hooked. You want to write christmas sermons.

    Nathan. It is top ten list time. I'll join you.

  4. From the post title I thought you'd started watching episodes of The Young Ones.

  5. Well, I tried to make it interesting....
    I have lots of ideas waiting....why we do Santa at Christmas time (even though we've discovered most of our church friends think it's a pagan ritual/lying to the kids is wrong etc), cliques at church, why people feel the need to eat exorbitant amounts of food over Christmas...just no time to think about how to write them non-controversially, so I just end up posting fluff...

  6. Just watched the final episode. Thanks for the recommendation - definitely worth the $25. Even worth the 'having to go back to a different JB store because the first disc had some dodgy formatting and kept stopping' hassle. Even when the replacement disc had a similar problem.

    Most impressed with the variety. Not a slave to formula, that's for sure. And a lovely final episode-and-a-bit to finish things off and say goodbye.

    But I'll watch future episodes of Mad Men very differently. Saffron as a secretary...scary thought.