Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the complementarian/egalitarian debate continues

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  1. You're very kind to encourage us all to rabble on about such stuff. Mark is obviously planning a big post somewhere else so don't forget to link us to it in case we miss it. I'm interested to see how he justifies his claim that the Bible always links gender and authority (to crudely paraphrase) because I think we might be reading different Bibles.

    My other thought is - what would we say about gender if we didn't have the words "egalitarian" and "complementarian" on our lips? The question you ask shapes the answer you will get. My question for myself is - how should men behave in a church setting (by which I mean anywhere Christians gather) - towards women, children and other men? What should define us as male followers of Christ? To what extent is this the same for all men, and at what points does it become a matter of personality and choice?

    You could ask the same question about women and then compare and contrast the answers, but being a bloke it seems I should be dealing with the log in my own eye first.