Friday, December 17, 2010


Two nights ago I had a slightly sore throat and an ache in my left shoulder. I don't get sore throats or aches in my shoulder so I knew it had to be something serious. I put myself to bed early and took some panadol knowing that soon the fever would hit and I would be out of action for weeks if not months.

24 hours later, I was fine. No more sore throat and a shoulder that powered through a solid one hour weights class... making me fearful that I am victim to an even worse condition.

Luckily there are tests readily available for this kind of thing.

It seems I'm in the clear. Phew!

Your Hypochondria Rating:Low
It is unlikely that you are a hypochondriac. You may occassionally fret over your health, but this is not abnormal. Health fears do not dominate your day and cause unnecessary anxiety, and your outlook in this area appears well within the normal range.
Hypochondria Symptoms and Treatment


  1. [fake Austrian accent]You have a HUMOUR![/fake Austrian accent]

  2. Or you could look at it this way:

    alain de botton: Hypochondria is just a form of wonder at how improbable it is to be alive.