Thursday, June 4, 2009

working again tomorrow

Three days in a row is probably more than I should be doing. Tomorrow I have year 2. I know the kids. They are a handful - but some are interesting. I've taught them before and have used up all my party tricks. Need to think up some more. Any ideas?


  1. Is it more than you should be doing because it is impacting on you number of posts for the blog-off competition?

  2. Funny Mel, I had exactly the same thought. If she was at home, she could just blog all day long...

  3. Music teaching or classroom teaching? You could always pretend to be arty and get the kids to cut a face from a magazine in half down the middle.

    They then stick that onto a piece of paper and draw the other half. They get to cut, paste and draw, and it teaches them the proportions of a face aren't what they thought they were. (For example, the eyes are exactley in the middle of the head, in terms of height.)

    Or, if it's music, ignore...

  4. It is impacting on my blogging. No doubt about that.