Monday, June 8, 2009

list of clichés

This delightful list of pop clichés, came from this really good lyric writing book. Back here I wrote a song using only cliché phrases. Actually, I didn't write it. It wrote itself. Andrew wrote one this afternoon. I think it expresses the depths of his heart. You should give it a go. Choose the cliché you like best for the first line of your chorus, then build the song aroung that line. You can't go wrong.

deep inside
hand to hand
face to face
back and forth
walk out that door
feel the pain
gotta take a chance
touch my (very) soul
heart to heart
side by side
up and down
we've just begun
can't stand the pain
give me half a chance
such a long time
take my hand
eye to eye
in and out
by my side
hurts so bad
can't take it
last chance
night and day
take your time
the rest of time
end of time
no one like you
say you'll be mine
how it used to be
it's gonna be alright
set me free
work it out
true to you
kiss your lips
falling apart
taken for granted
lost without you
safe and warm
broken heart
all we've been through
end of the line
always be true
pay the price
right or wrong
what we're fighting for
you know it's true
hold me close
forget my foolish pride
drive me crazy
all my dreams come true
all night long
rest of my life
no one can take your place
losing sleep
made up my mind
get down on my knees
end it all
had your fun
done you wrong
back to me
make you stay
asking too much
give you my heart
aching heart
want you / need you / love you
hold on
never let go
rise above
all we've done
worth fighting for
nothing to lose
losing sleep
treat me like a fool
going insane
rhyme or reason
test of time
someone like you
all my love
lonely nights
I'll get along
calling out your name
more than friends
fooling around
heaven above
break these chains
take it easy
can't live without you
somebody else
break my heart
try one more time
can't go on
keep holding on
now or never
over the hill
know for sure
hold me tight
tear me apart
play the game
see the light
O baby

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