Monday, June 1, 2009

June Blog-Off!

Down here, Ben suggested that we have a month long post-off. As regular readers will know, I'm all for quantity over quality. Anyone want to join in?

The blogger who posts the most this month will win... um... [any ideas?]

Nathan - this sounds like your kind of thing. Anyone else in?


  1. I'm in. Though it doesn't seem to be a fair contest. I made 201 posts in May.

  2. You can only count posts in your main column!

  3. I'll give it a go..but is there aprize for the one that post the least?? See if I can out do all my post that I have ever done.

  4. Simone, what kind of crazy idea was it to invite Nathan? He'll flog us in a day!

    Listen to his '109' talk-- he's already revelling in the glory. We need to take him down somehow. Maybe we could spread a rumour that he's a drug-cheat and get him disqualified from the race.