Sunday, June 14, 2009

I twisted!

It was fantastic. My 5th twist. Possibly the best. Highlights?
  • Singing with 100 people who love to sing, being led by minimal (but exceptional) instrumentalists.
  • Staying up late watching Andy Judd and Sarah Bailey muck around with one of my lyrics and set it to music. Amazing process. Andy played chords and Sarah made up stuff over the top. After a couple of hours we had a demo verse and a demo chorus (they didn't match so well, but it's a start.)
  • Leading the songwriting elective. Was heaps of fun. Watch out for up and coming songwriters!
  • Eating more junk food in one weekend than I've eaten in an entire year. There was chocolate everywhere.
  • Being at the beautiful Port Hacking.
  • Coming home to find that my blog's continued without me!


  1. Hi Simone,

    It's Jess here! Agreed!! this is also my 5th Twist, i think it's the best so far but in different ways to the other Twists - so all of them are the best! :p
    Hahaha just had a quick visit to your blog as a return you visiting mine ;p

    Jess Halim

  2. Ah, we're glad we could keep the home fires burning. ;-)