Monday, June 22, 2009

cliche alert

Describe God's love. What are the first 3 words that come to mind?

Chances are one of them is our today's cliche alert word. While singing in church yesterday, I realised that this adjective has lost its meaning. Sad. It used to make a picture come into our minds. We'd imagine a beautiful, mysterious [...] Now we imagine nothing at all. The image has been worn thing. It's now just a word.

What a shame. Perhaps in a couple of centuries song writers will be able to use it again.

[5 points to the first person to guess the word.]


  1. Are you thinking "awesome"?

  2. My first choice would have been 'great', but given I was at church yesterday I suspect you're thinking of a four letter word starting with 'd'

    Personally I still think great is the most overused adjective to describe God's love.

  3. 5 points to Jess.

    [And one to Andrew]

    Deep it is.

  4. Maybe we should bring back "unfathomable". :-)

    And no, we're still waiting for the CD.

  5. A challenge to us writers to keep thinking of relevant and fresh words, not being lazy and relying on the clique!

  6. Ah yes, I completely missed the point about describing his love not his person. There is a lesson in that somewhere for me.