Thursday, June 11, 2009


I'm cold cold cold. I can't get warm. I'm sniffing and sneezing. Nothing's as fun as usual. Bring on spring. Lucky it's only a few weeks away. I feel sorry for you southerners who have this for half the year.


  1. what about us northerners?? we get about 2 wks of good weather a year. We had fresh snow on the mountians only last week. I say life is good in Qld too!!!

  2. Sorry no sympathy from this corner. Winter is a most gorgeous season in Brisbane. Golly, you don't even lose the green!

  3. Right at the moment, we're in rental accommodation while the church builds a residence for us. Only a few weeks to go!

    But that means that right now, where it's in the single digits, I am in a study that is made of a detached garage, with no insulation or ceiling other than the leaky tiles above me. You can feel the wind blow still.

    So it's nice to know that others out there are suffering with me!