Wednesday, June 3, 2009

If you can't do, teach.

High jump. The shame, the embarrassment! As a student, my lack of co-ordination at this sport was profound. Twenty years has not made any difference. I can't do it.

But today I taught it. And I did okay. As well as the next non-PE teacher, anyway.

No one got hurt except me. I was adjusting the poles that held up the bar, stood in the wrong spot and it hit me in the head fox-and-rake fashion. It hurt alot and I have a considerable bruise.

My love of high jump hasn't increased.


  1. You possibly taught it as well as many actual PE teacher too. Contrary to popular belief, PE teachers teach stuff they can't actually do themselves. And being good at doing something (ie. high jump) doesn't automatically make you good at teaching it - more often than not it's a disadvantage.

  2. I actually got offered a PE contract today...