Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blog Off!

Okay guys. Here are the rules. We need to introduce some handicaps - basically to stop Nathan from winning.

Nathan's first 50 posts don't count. Sorry they just don't. We need a little head start. So Nathan starts at -50. For the rest of us, we start at zero. Blogger with the most posts at 11.59pm on the 30th of June wins.

Wins what? Any ideas?

Oh, and any post that clearly has no point isn't counted. To judge a no-pointer, we look to the blogger's blogging history. If they wouldn't have posted it last month, it doesn't count this month.

Who's in? So far, we have Naomi, Nathan and I...


  1. You picked a bad month for me, otherwise I might be tempted to join!

  2. I just realised I'm washing my hair this month.

    I'll give it a crack, just so I don't lose face in front of my peers.