Monday, June 22, 2009

blogger ADD

Bloggers who study their stats probably know that I check in a lot. Don't think I'm spooky. I'm not. Most times when I click on your site I click on something else before the page has even finished loading... because I realise I've already read everything I care to read. I'm ADD behind a computer. I've currently got firefox open in 3 windows and 3 tabs going on my current screen. I click around alot when I'm bored. The sites I click on the most are those in the middle of my bookmards column. These include Nathan's old blog (which he hasn't used for a year) and my sister-in-law who posts once a semester. And yours is nearby too.

I have a reader but don't use it. I like reading your posts in their native environment.

I'm not stalking you. I'm just bored.

And I don't care how often you click here.


  1. My old blog? What a triumph of coffee machine inspired web design that was.

  2. Ho boy, know what you mean. I once put something about being in an ADD mood as my Facebook status. Got a lot of giggles, but one friend's husband had no clue what I meant! This, by the way, is the fifth tab open in Firefox at present.

    By the way, how can we be sure you are not spooky - just because you say so?

  3. you can't be sure... send me your phone number and see if I keep on calling!

  4. flee, Wendy, flee while you still can..

    I'm like you Simone. I click on the same blogs a million times a day. Then I get chizzy when I see the same old posts sitting there. Entertain me, dammit!

  5. Oh, I am so glad to hear that because I click on your blog quite a lot and I was beginning to wonder whether you might think I am a bit spooky!